Importance of Knowing Your Market and Competitors

To be able to effectively compete in the marketplace, you must be familiar with your industry, your customers, and your competitors’ products. While your product may be a similar one to another, there are differences between the different products and their pricing strategies. By understanding your competitors’ pricing strategies, you can determine the best pricing […]


The Pentagon and its unusual shape

The US Government seems very keen to fuel the thoughts of conspiracy theorists. It might explain why they decided to build the head office of the Central Intelligence Agency in the shape of a Pentagon. It’s an odd-numbered shape and draws comparison with the pentangle that’s used in pagan worship. Considering what is written about […]


How Dancing is Good For Depression

There are numerous ways in which dancing can be beneficial for people with depression, including by alleviating feelings of sadness. In a recent study, patients hospitalized for depression reported a measurable reduction in their depression after undergoing recreational dance sessions. Teens who had suffered from mild to moderate depression also showed a marked decline in […]