Tricks to take care of plants that I learned from my mother

If all your plants die, you need to apply these ‘mother said’ tips as soon as possible, because they are essential to take care of the plants as they deserve.

It is clear that no one is born learned, and in matters of gardening, even less so! Raise your hand if you’ve never made a beginner’s mistake when caring for your houseplants or outdoor plants. You know, I mean water the plants every day, regardless of the species, or think that cacti are the easiest plants to care for.

And while it’s true that most people learn to care for their plants by trial and error, advice from mothers in this area is invaluable (and saves a lot of money and hassle).

Next, I would like to share with you 5 tips that I learned from my mother and that are key to taking care of plants as they deserve.

There Is A Substrate For Each Plant

This is one of the most common mistakes. We buy a plant and we believe that any soil or substrate will do well, and it is not! In order for the plant to grow and remain in optimal conditions, it is essential to keep in mind its characteristics. You cannot use the same substrate for a succulent as for some geraniums, for example. So the next time you’re shopping for a plant, find out what kind of soil it needs before you leave the store. And never use garden soil as a substrate, because it can contain parasites that can spoil your plant.

The Weather Is Essential

You may feel an irrepressible desire to have a peaceful lily full of beautiful white flowers, but if you live in an interior apartment where natural light is practically non-existent, I am sorry to tell you that you will not get it. Each plant requires a type of climate to fully develop, and by climate I mean the amount of natural light, but also humidity and temperature levels. Before buying a plant, find out what conditions it needs to grow healthy and happy.

Grow Only What You Eat

When the pandemic hit, growing fruit, vegetables, or aromatic herbs at home became a trend. A healthy fashion that responds to the concern of people to lead a more conscious and sustainable life and that is still valid today. But if we are novices in this field and we get carried away by emotion, we can make the mistake of filling our garden with all kinds of vegetables or fruit trees whose crops will end up being lost (not to mention the maintenance work and investment of time that this supposed). Mothers are wise, and for that reason, they are so clear: grow only what you eat.

Nature Is Uncontrollable

Current generations are spoiled to have everything at the same time we want it, but with nature that is not valid. Nature has its own rules, and as much as you want to plan, in the end, it will prevail. As my mother taught me, if you plan to have a garden, you will have to accept that sometimes things will not go your way. A storm may arrive that spoils your plants, or a plague appears that you cannot stop. Whatever it is, be tolerant and don’t despair, nature will take its course.

Keep In Mind The Reward

Due to our impatient nature, another mistake we often make is to get upset if our plants take time to grow or if we don’t see immediate results, for example, in the garden. In those moments, the best advice any mother could give us is to keep the reward in mind. Everything in this life takes time, and when it comes to plants, I assure you that developing patience is worth it. You will tell me!

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