Who can help you build your dream garden?

When designing a complex project such as a garden or landscape, the considerations are multi-dimensional. This means that it can be beneficial to gain help and advice from experts in each area, in order to bring together your vision with the best-suited equipment, plants and materials.

Firstly, you should get in contact with a garden designer. Their speciality will focus on the aesthetic of the garden along with plant selections and colour schemes. They will have worked on lots of different garden designs with plenty of different visions and budgets, therefore their advice should prove an invaluable asset to your project.

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You will also need to speak to a landscape contractor who is responsible for organising the planning and construction of your garden. It is easy to fall into the trap of giving it a go yourself. However, construction work is best left to professionals and there are countless issues and dangers that could occur if landscaping is not done correctly.

Alongside the construction evaluations, you also consider a landscape architect. This is especially if you are planning on having a large focal point or any bigger structures, however, they can be used for a variety of visions. Architects can also work on layouts and choosing the right plants for the space.

In terms of choosing the correct flowers and plants, a horticulturist or local gardener are great people to find to develop your ideas. A horticulturist will know a lot about the cultivation and management of plant timings and seasons. But if you are looking for a more budgeted option, a local Gardener can be helpful as they will have knowledge of what works well in your area.

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At some point in the gardening design process, it is likely you will find yourself in a garden centre or nursery. It is so important to make use of the staff as they will be experts and will have great advice for you. A great example is Plants for Trade www.palmstead.co.uk/Content.aspx?content=2 which provides a personalised service to help you choose your plants efficiently and with experts.

As well as using your local nursery’s advice, why not sign up for a horticulture or gardening society? These societies come with a wide range of advice from experts across the country and the package often comes with other exciting benefits. This may also be a way of getting involved in workshops, garden tours or talks too.

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