Four Ways to Protect your Garden from Burglars

As we go back to our normal lives, leaving our homes unoccupied means that it gives an advantage to burglars. We should all be vigilant and spend time making sure that our homes are safe and secure – make sure that all of your doors and windows have decent locks, like these from locksmiths Exeter based Guardian Security, and use a security alarm system in your home.

As well as the home itself, you should also be aware that many burglaries happen in the garden – this is something that many people forget, yet a garden is a prime target for thieves, as there are many high value items that they can get to without having to go into the house.

So how do you deter thieves from coming into your garden? Here are a few ideas for you…

Lighting – One thing that can be a great deterrent to burglars is the risk of being seen – and then of course caught. So lighting is a great way to safeguard your garden. Use solar lighting which looks great, and you can also install security lighting, especially in areas of the garden that are more hidden away and not so easy to spot.

Noise – Another thing that burglars don’t want to do is make a noise. So, make sure that you make this difficult for them! Using gravel for paths and around garden borders makes it much harder for them to stay silent, and you can use this idea in both the front and back garden so that you can always hear the crunch of someone approaching your home.

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Secure Outbuildings – Things like sheds and garages are prime targets for thieves. There are often high value items in them like garden tools, so ensure that they are well secured and always locked up when you are not out there using them. It is also a good idea to mark all of your tools that you keep out there with your postcode so that the items can be tracked and found easier.

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Use Sharp Plants – Plants that are spiky and sharp are a great way to stop a burglar from climbing into your garden. Planting spiky plants around the border of the garden keeps your garden looking good too – from native trees like holly and blackthorn, to beautiful climbing roses, there are lots to choose from.

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