The Essentials for DIY Brides

More and more brides are turning to the benefits of DIY weddings, which offer plenty of choice for beautiful personalisation and customisation whilst saving a small fortune in the process. After all, why outsource the most precious day of your life to someone else when you can put your own stamp on it?

Happily, for creative brides, the internet is a superb source of vintage wedding ideas, everything is available online now.  From Mountfield spares from sites like to sashes for weddings from Ebay.

You’ll find tutorials, case studies, inspirational images and ideas which get your own creative juices flowing.

Before the wedding

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Before the wedding you might want to organise a Hen party for all the ladies to have some fun together and one of the ways you can do that is with a Hen Party Bus.

This will give you a great night out and something to remember forever.

Small Touches Count

The good news too is that you don’t need lots of complex or unusual kit to create beautiful wedding elements that make yours stand out. It’s the small touches that will personalise your day and make people remember it.

A look at the shows that washi tape, punches, Sharpies and spray guns and glitter are still favourites for creative types, and all of these are available from your local arts and craft supply store.

Getting the Basics

Washi tape is useful for creating patterns, colour, and visual interest, as well as attaching things together. Why not make your own patterned drinking straws or wrap a little coloured tape around tea lights for a pretty evening touch?

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Coloured paper is fantastic for making mini-bunting and guest place cards, and you’ll find plenty online. If you invest in a puncher, you can also make your own confetti and patterned invites.

For stationery, why not invest in alphabet stamps for an old-fashioned letterpress feel or go online and embrace digital art with unusual fonts and invite makers? You can even send them digitally to save more money.

Blackboard paint is popular for weddings, so you can make bespoke signs for the order of the day or seating arrangements. Don’t forget little voile bags or small cardboard fancy boxes for guest fancies either – you’ll find huge numbers of these on eBay or Etsy.

Don’t forget Sharpies and coloured glitter or paint sprays either for doing up old crates for decoration on the day or for personalising plates or signs. The more you start to experiment, the more creative ideas you’ll develop and the more special and personal your big day will be.


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