Contemporary interiors need the Creative carpeting solutions you could use

Creating a home that reflects your personality and style can be a very rewarding experience. A Park Homes Gloucester location are all about personalising your living experience and encourage your own belongings and style. You could look at space the homes have to begin with at sites like   You can personalise decor with art, accessories, furniture and more. But an overlooked area of interiors that adds lots of personality to a room is flooring. Flooring not only creates a base colour and texture for the room overall, it can also be used to reflect your tastes and personal style. Read on to discover some of the most creative carpeting solutions for a contemporary interior.

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Landscape Carpets

These carpets are stylish and eye-catching, and inspired by some form of landscape. They might be an overhead view of a nearby area, for example, or designed to resemble hills, lakes, or mountains. Some landscape style carpets are even available in a breathtaking 3D style, with slightly raised or textured portions to create depth and dimension. Other landscape inspired carpets might include carpets that resemble water or a swimming pool. They can be a great way to add a splash of colour and modernity to a room.

Novelty and Food

For a room that needs a shot of colour and personality, such as a games room or children’s play area, why not add a fun flooring detail? Carpets and rugs are now available in designs like fun food such as round salami rugs or pizza. Even fried egg designs, with a white rug and yellow yolk cushions, have proved popular in recent years. You could also add a personal twist by using a hobby for inspiration. Music lovers might enjoy a carpet with a piano key or guitar string design, for example, whereas sports lovers might love a football pitch design.

Carpet Tiles

Tiles can add variety and texture in an affordable way. They can be cover the entire floor, for example, or can be used as a stylish rug over another flooring choice. Some carpet tiles are even available in creative shapes such as jigsaw puzzles. There is a wide range of choice meaning you can really let your creativity run wild. If you are planning to cut carpet or fit the tiles yourself, be sure to double check health and safety guidelines, so you can proceed with confidence.

Whatever your personal style and taste, you can find a creative carpet solution to suit you.

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