What are the best doors for your home?

Your front door has a special role to play when it comes to home décor. After all, it’s often the first introduction to your personal taste that guests will encounter when visiting your home.

If you want to have one of the finest front doors Stroud, then read on to discover our tips.

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Freshen up your look

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are still ways to get one of the best-looking front doors in Stroud. Update your door with a lick of paint in this year’s hottest colour, lilac, as described here.

Or why not add a decorative wreath? Craft your own or buy one from a local florist.

Choose your material

If a brand-new door is the way to go, then you need to know which material to opt for. Front doors are usually made from wood, aluminium, uPVC, or composite materials, and each has its own appeal and benefits.

Wood doors, for example, add a classic vintage look that can be perfect for a period property. Choose one with a built-in stained-glass feature for a statement look that nods to the history of your home whilst allowing extra light into your hallway.

Composite doors, meanwhile, are a strong and energy-efficient option, thanks to being made from a blend of materials such as uPVC, wood, and glass-reinforced plastic. They usually have a thermally insulated core frame and come in any colour or finish you can imagine. This makes them easy to match to even the most unique of homes.

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Doors made from uPVC are also a great choice. Affordable and weather-resistant, these front doors come in a huge variety of colours and are easy to maintain.

Finally, aluminium front doors are currently surging in popularity, thanks to their lightness of weight and superb s

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