My dear little cabin, white and very Nordic

Have they moved to Norway? Finnish? No. This is a house in the Pyrenees and it has a Nordic air, bright, collected, and cozy, but it wasn’t always like that!

Nordic, But Without Going Over

“I like that each decoration is aligned with the outside. When you look out to see the landscape it fits. In this house, we wanted a Nordic point, but not pure, since it seems cold to me, I like details that give warmth “, explains the owner.

What A Taste Of Fireplace!

The side table is from Merchant of Venice. The lamp comes from Candlefusta, as does the pot. The rug was purchased at Materia.

In The Classroom

Juanma Alonso, Era Carrola and Luderna are responsible for this renovation and interior design project. The sofa comes from Westwing.

I Want That Table!

The dining room table is the jewel of the house: it was made of solid oak by Era Carrola. “We designed it together, first we put wider legs, then we preferred lighter ones,” says the owner.

We Climb?

The stairwell was redone and exposed steps were installed. So everything is lighter, and smoother. The large rattan baskets are from Blue Earth and the basket is from Materia. The chair is from Sacum. The checkered blanket comes from Ezcaray.

Almost A Dressing Room

Between the bedroom and the bathroom, we put the cabinets, they are almost like a dressing room, although it is not closed, it is a transit area”, says Begona. The rug is from Materia. The jacket, the slippers, and the wastebasket come from Zara Home. The squares come from Cottage.

In The Bed

The beams above were exposed and painted. The linen duvet cover and the mustard cover come from Filocolore. The wool cushions are from Materia.

A Bathroom In Tune With The House

Before, the bathroom was lined with dark wood, but it has been brought into tune with the house. The wood of the headboard is the same that was used in this piece of furniture. The towels are from Materia. The stool comes from Merc & Cia. The toilet is from Meridian Compact.

For Children, Colour!

The wallpaper on the wall is from As Creation. The duvet covers, plaids, cushions and stools come from Filocolore.

Attic, But Taken Advantage Of

The floor lamp is from Velafusta. The nightstands are from Ikea. The stuffed animals come from Si tu vens.

lthough here where we see it, this was “the typical dark mountain house. In the Valley before it was built with very dark wood and very small windows”. But Begona and her family de ella were there, ready not to let themselves be carried away by the darkness, to turn the situation around, and turn their recently acquired vacation apartment almost into a modern cabin. “We wanted it to have light, spaciousness, to be lighter, younger, and also comfortable, pleasant!” She tells us. To do this, they turned to Era Carrola, responsible for the reform, and Luderna for the interior design.

“We threw everything away! Bathroom, kitchen, fireplace… We only left windows and doors, although we painted and renovated them. The wood was dark and we painted it white, with a paint that has an aged-looking patina. On the wall of the fireplace they put stone, but also in white”. They bet everything on white (well, with a few splashes of color), and they won! Especially luminosity, a wonderful luminosity.

The entire upper part, where the bedrooms are, was left with sloping ceilings. Again, they redistributed and played a lot with the wood: “The beams were exposed and we painted them. The bathroom was paneled in dark wood and we opted for white again. And we use the same wood as the headboard as in the bathroom cabinet. Between the room and this one, we put the cabinets, they are almost like a dressing room, although it is not closed, it is a transit area but well used”.

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