Why You Should Be Qualified to Carry Out Electrical Work

There are some jobs that you may think of carrying out yourself, however, when it comes to electricity this is a very dangerous area where you should always call in the experts. Attempting to flex your DIY muscles with electricity could lead to fires, serious injury and even death. This is because of the very nature of electrical work and the complexity of it. There are also rules and regulations that need to be adhered to, such as wiring regulations. If you don’t comply with these then not only could you be putting yourself at risk but it will also invalidate your home insurance policy.

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Qualified electrical workers are those who have a full understanding of the industry codes and standards. These include the fact that energised equipment and cables must be locked out and made inaccessible to unqualified individuals. In addition, they have the skills and knowledge to safely isolate equipment before working on it and are familiar with the proper procedures for testing and evaluating electrical devices to determine their safe status. When you need a Cheltenham Electrician, contact https://www.dpalmerelectrical.co.uk/electrician-near-me/electrician-cheltenham/

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It is also vital that all qualified electrical workers know the importance of following proper safety measures while completing tasks, including the use of personal protective equipment. This includes using insulated gloves, a face shield and an insulated mat, as well as ensuring that all tools are grounded properly through their handles. This is vital to protect against static build-up, which can cause arcing. It’s also important that you regularly check for tripping hazards such as loose plug sockets or wires running under rugs, blankets and furniture legs.

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