Industrial style decoration ideas

The industrial decoration is a style inspired by the New York of the 50s that, half a century later, comes stomping to decorate any type of space. Characterized by being timeless, this style mixes concrete, iron, wood, and steel to give your spaces a retro air that never goes out of style. In its beginnings, this trend was born when factories and warehouses in the city began to be inhabited by young artists, which is why it is considered that the industrial style is also part of a philosophy of life.

Old lamps, worn furniture, or rusty pieces are some of the elements that cannot be missing in an industrial style. Do you want to know more? Next, we give you some essential industrial-style decoration ideas to give that vintage and avant-garde touch to your rooms.

Open spaces

One of the main characteristics of the industrial style is the need for spaces to be 100% open. What generates the industrial style with this? The goal is for everything to be visible and for an effect of spaciousness and light to be produced between rooms that coexist with each other.

For this reason, the industrial style works very well in “open space” offices or in lofts. To achieve this effect, you also need very high ceilings and large windows that allow a good entry of natural light.

Exposed beams, pipes, and brick

Another of the keys to this type of decoration, closely related to the first point, is to strip the structure of the house, leaving visible elements that, commonly, tend to be covered. We are talking about beams, pipes, brick walls, flat ceilings, and even the electrical installation system, they are elements that will give that modern and industrial touch when you are decorating your home or office.


If we talk about the decoration of the modern industrial style, it is essential to refer to minimalist decoration, which is one of the protagonists of this style. Since the idea is to generate wide and open spaces, the rooms will not be overloaded with superfluous decorative elements. The goal is to make proper use of space and transmit order.

Some elements that cannot be missing in your industrial-style home are glass bottles, floor lamps with a retro air, books, large brass ceiling lamps, antique pieces, suitcases, and leather sofas…

Steel, iron, wood

As we have previously pointed out, steel, iron, and wood are three of the basic ingredients that make up the modern industrial-style decoration, so you have to make good use of these materials and combine them with each other. The idea is that with the combination of these materials you manage to reduce the coldness of metal by combining it with the warmth of wood. The result is perfect!

The wood can be present on shelves or on the table tops. With iron and steel, you can finish off the furniture through the legs or add new pieces to the space, such as a large clock with gears or railroad-type wheels.

Natural colors

As for the range of colors that you should use to decorate a space with an industrial style, you should bet on natural colors. The main ones will be brown, gray, and black since the contrast between them is perfect. In addition, it is a style that is not characterized by a strident decoration, although you can give it a touch of blue, yellow, or red at some point. Of course, those elements that you incorporate in this color should give a worn or old appearance.

To give a greater industrial sensation, it is recommended that the walls, ceilings, and floors are grey, preferably made of polished cement, although the final touch will be given by leaving an exposed brick wall.


Although through modern industrial style decoration, you want to project order, this current does not seek perfection. Therefore, the most recommended is to mix textures and give the appearance of wear. This is a trend that, although it may seem careless or little thought out, is really designed to the millimeter, so the result is a chic, elegant, sober, and modern decoration.

Antique furniture

Worn and vintage effect, is what the industrial style looks for through the materials used and also the furniture. In this sense, the industrial-style decoration in the bedroom, in the hall, or in the kitchen, is based on old furniture, with straight lines and, possibly, stripped, worn, or even with a point of rust.

This type of furniture brings a lot of personality to the room and combines perfectly with the basic materials. Where can you find this type of furniture so typical of industrial chic style decoration? In street markets or antique dealers.

Bet on the mix

As we have been seeing the best result, you will get it betting on the mixture. Stay away from mono-color or just one type of material. The advantage of modern industrial-style decoration is being able to mix objects from different eras, various materials, and different colors, without losing sight of the industrial aesthetic.

Do not be afraid that the spaces will be cold or without personality since the industrial style is sober but it can be very cozy if you make a good selection of furniture, materials, and colors.

Recycled items

To achieve that vintage and worn feeling, you can also bet on including recycled elements of retro style, beyond the furniture. With this, you will achieve harmony and an organic design that gives much more personality to the vintage industrial-style decoration.

If you need ideas to add these elements to your room, see our post How to make furniture with recycled materials.

Painted paper

The modern industrial-style decoration is characterized by betting on exposed brick walls. However, if you do not have the possibility of having it in a simple way or you do not want to spend a lot of money on it, you have another alternative: brick wallpaper.

If you want to join this style in an economical and very easy way, cheap industrial decoration is possible with wallpaper. This type of vinyl recreates the brick wall wonderfully and with them you will achieve the desired effect.

Lights and neons

We have talked about ceiling lamps, floor lamps… But if there is something that will give your room personality with vintage industrial-style decoration, it is neon. In addition, you can make your neon personalized so that your space is even more unique and welcoming.

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