Famous Icons wearing a traditional Aran sweater

Ever since the traditional Aran sweater became popular back in the 1950’s there have been many photographs taken of famous celebrity Icons wearing one.  Elvis Presley, the world-wide famous rock and roll singer, actually wore his Aran sweater onto the film set of his movie “Jailhouse Rock”.  Steve McQueen the Hollywood Actor was photographed alongside Elvis Presley both wearing an Aran sweater with the brilliantly clever tagline, “The King and the King of Cool”.  Taylor Swift, the popular singer, wore an Aran sweater to promote her new album, entitled “Folklore”.  Chris Evans, aka Captain America wore a cream coloured traditional mens aran sweater in his new detective comedy caper “Knives Out”.

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These hardwearing, traditionally styled, rugged sweaters can be obtained from authentic retailers such as https://www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters/mens-aran-sweaters/.  Marilyn Monroe, the actress who famously sang “Happy Birthday” to the President and wore the little white dress that was lifted up by the wind, was photographed wearing one.  Grace Kelly, the stunningly beautiful American Actress, wore an Aran sweater on the deck of a sailing boat, then after starring in several major films, she married Prince Rainier 111 on the 18th of April 1956, which is when she became the Princess of Monaco, until her death in 1982 she served the people as their Princess and the couple appeared devoted to each other.

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Aran patterns have been featured in several of the famous Vogue Magazines and the sweaters have been incredibly popular ever since then.

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