Reducing the Risk of a Fire in the Workplace

Fire is something that can affect any workplace, no matter what type of work is done there. Many workplace fires are entirely preventable with a bit of fire safety awareness. A good way to get some tips and peace of mind about your workplace, and to improve workplace safety is to contact a professional, like this fire risk assessment Bristol based company who can provide you with the right materials to reduce your fire risk, such as alarms and extinguishers, but there are also lots of practical things that you can do in your workplace to reduce the likelihood of a fire even starting…

Electrics – Electrical fires are dangerous and can easily start in a workplace. Any electrical work needs to be done by a qualified electrician, and all the equipment in a workplace that is electrical also needs to be regularly PAT tested. Things like sockets which are overloaded can also cause huge fire risks yet are so simple to put right. Another thing that is an electrical fire risk, that can often be seen in an office environment, is having liquids like drinks around electrical equipment such as computers.

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The Kitchen – Most workplaces have a kitchen of some sort, which is great for employees, but if it is not kept safe, can also be a major fire hazard. Microwaves can be dangerous, especially when they are regularly used in a communal kitchen, as the food that gets split inside the microwave can then repeatedly become heated, burnt on, and then risks catching fire. Whenever someone is heating up or cooking food, it is important that they then clean the microwave out afterwards.

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Storage – If waste, or materials that are flammable are incorrectly stored, it can cause a huge fire risk. If materials that are flammable are kept next to other flammable items, the risk of a huge fire breaking out that quickly has the potential to spiral out of control is much higher, so when arranging storage this is a big thing to keep in mind. Storage can also cause problems when it is not used correctly and then items and clutter start to block doorways and windows which are important escape routes in the event of a fire.

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