How to Make Travel Easier for People in Wheelchairs

One of the easiest ways to make travel easier for people in wheelchairs is to make sure they have as much time as possible to plan their trip. Often, a trip can be a daunting experience that requires a great deal of forward planning, but a wheelchair accessible vehicle can help make this experience much easier. Before you travel, make sure you have planned ahead to find accessible hotels and rest stops. It’s also helpful to do a little research and reserve accommodations as early as possible.

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When planning your trip, take the time to thoroughly explain your disability and what you need to be accommodated. Many people won’t understand your disability, so be sure to be as specific as possible. It’s important to include details such as how difficult it is to get in and out of certain areas and how difficult it is to navigate the restrooms, for example. You’ll be happier and more comfortable when you’re prepared for any situation and know that almost every destination will be accommodating and accessible. For advice on choosing WAV Vehicles, contact a site like

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Often, airports are very busy, making travel difficult for wheelchair users. Even when a wheelchair is provided, they are forced to make transitions from their wheelchair to transfer chairs. It can be difficult to get from one chair to another, but aisle chairs can be convenient for the disabled and may also have special seat belts. Depending on the size of your wheelchair, you may want to opt for a power wheelchair over a manual one.

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