Ideas to decorate your windows

There are many times throughout the year that we are given a reason to decorate our homes and boy do we go crazy for it.  For some reason we just seem to really get in to the spirit of things when it comes to throwing accessories, colours and themed memorabilia wherever we can fit it.  A lot of us forget that windows can be a great place to put items as they are seen from inside and outside the house.  Here are a few things that we thought would look good on your windows.

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Firstly we have to start with lights off course.  You can add lights to the outside of your house as long as they are water proof and safely attached.  You can theme these to many occasions through the year so it’s a great buy.  It’s also great that you can get electric, battery or solar powered lights for any budget.  Keep one colour constantly on or allow them to flash or go a step further with colours changing.

Next up we go to stickers for windows as they can also be very good value for money and come in all sizes. You will want to get the designated stickers specially designed for glass as any other tickers will leave a sticky trace that can be very difficult to remove.  These will normally be ok with any moisture that builds up as long as its wiped dry before applying.  If you have a lot of wetness and air coming through you may want to look at a Double Glazing in Cheltenham company and one option is  Not only will they stop your problems with stickers it will keep your house warmer coming into the colder months.

Projection units – Recently a new kind of decoration has arrived with projections being shown onto windows.  All you need is a see through piece of material hanging from your window, the projector and darkness and all of a sudden you have santa or the easter bunny at your window.

This however would be best used around halloween time to scare the trick or treaters away.

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Stained glass windows – These are personally my favourite and I can’t help but be in awe when visiting a church or cathedral at the amount of detail that the artist has gone to to make such a beautiful piece. Then i think how wonderful would it be to have one in my own house.

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