Think about Home Education if School is not Working for your Child

Reasons to Educating your child at home has long been a controversial topic, prompting strong opinions on both sides. It has, however, been growing a lot more popular lately. Schools are in crisis all over the country, with the growing populations needs not being met by schools – with many children having to travel much further to get to school, or be in a classroom that is full to capacity – neither of these are ideal for a child’s education and are a couple of reasons that parents are starting to feel that home schooling is a preferable alternative. Another reason for the shift towards home-schooling in the last few years, is the millennials (those born after 1980) are grown up and having children of their own. This generation are often slated for being vain, and self-obsessed – but they are also a generation that don’t have the ideas that their parents have on strict discipline, and a regimental routine. Many millennial adults like their children to learn through exploring the world rather than sitting in a classroom, and give their children choices and opinions – teaching them to love and respect the world rather than the emphasis being put on academic achievement like the previous generation.

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One of the biggest reasons for home educating a child, is that home education is flexible – there are no strict guidelines, or set school term times to follow, so children can indeed explore the world with their parents at their leisure – enabling them to go out of school holiday times when prices for travel are lower. Parents that home educate, feel that they can give their child a more varied education than a traditional education in a classroom, and that they will be more able to connect with the world around them and learn not just academically, but social skills and an empathy for other people and nature.   It also means that you can set things to your liking like lighting and temperature.  If you need to look at your heating maybe a selection of column radiators from businesses like apollo radiators could help you!

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Many people who home educate, like to follow a guideline, but the beauty is there is such a lot of help and ideas online for home educating, that you are bound to find something that works for you – if you want a structure to the day, and the ability to be able to ‘shut school off’ at the end of the day, you may want to think about creating a learning space at home – School buildings from are great for this, or if you are lucky enough to already have a spare room, or unused attic space, maybe think about converting that to a classroom.

If you are worried about your child missing out on mixing with other children, why not investigate local clubs that your child might have an interest in? Cubs and Brownies are a good idea, and also local sports teams and music groups – there is so much out there to offer, it is just a matter of picking the right ones for your child.

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