Interpreting Bedroom Dreams

To dream that you are in the bedroom signifies an aspect of yourself that you keep private and hidden, like your intimate relationships. To interpret dreams that feature your bedroom, think about your different emotions, the environment and items in the room, and lastly your own actions while in the dream bedroom. Here are some useful hints:

Different Bedroom Characteristics

Large Bedroom – Dreams that feature large and luxurious rooms predict a prosperous lifestyle.

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Children’s bedroom – Dreaming of your childhood bedroom shows that your present situation or emotions have stirred up memories from your childhood that you have kept secret.

Empty Bedroom – Dreaming about a completely empty bedroom without furniture depicts the emptiness of your romantic life.

Bright Open Windows – Dreaming about a bright open bedroom window shows coming holidays will be full of light and joy.

A Haunted Bedroom – To stay in a bedroom that seems haunted, shows that your personal decisions will come back to haunt you. Maybe you feel frustrated by the bad decisions you’ve made recently.

Dream About Items Within the Bedroom

Window – The bedroom window allows you to look out of the bedroom or look outside. This can indicate your desire to explore new options, or the kind of dream of self-reflection for you to look into your personal life.

Bedroom Furniture – Bedroom furniture represents the building blocks of your personal life. Pay attention to the conditions or emotions attached to each item of furniture. Also note the focus of your dreams on certain furniture. For example, if your dreams focus on mattresses, it can suggest focusing on the physical intimacy part of the relationship. If the dream focuses on the lamp holder, it can show the relationship depends on light and inner hope. It could just be your brain telling you it’s time for a new wardrobe! For Bespoke Fitted wardrobes, visit

Bedroom Paint

Wall paint colours can suggest your inner mood and mind. Consider referring to the interpretation of dream colours to find out the mood of your inner mind. For example, red paint can symbolise that your romantic life is full of passion. A white room can signify inner peace or purity in your love life.

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Intruder in the Bedroom

A bully or stranger can suggest that your peace and personal life are being threatened. Maybe you feel someone is interfering in your personal life and you feel angry or anxious about the effects.

Changing the Colour of the Bedroom Paint

When you dream about painting bedroom paint colours, you are in the process of changing your view of your personal life. Maybe you have felt the same way for a while, and you want time to reflect and change your personal beliefs.

Cleaning the bedroom

To clean dust from your room shows that you are getting rid of unwanted problems from the past. It’s time to release the old burden that has been bothering you.


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