How to clean plastic dining chairs

Plastic seats – cherish them or detest them, they are so valuable for dining areas and kitchens whether in a private or business setting. There are such a significant number of designs and colours to browse that you can easily find the ideal seat for any interior. So, why are they so well-known over the world and found in homes, workplaces, bistros, restaurants and many more places? As well as being available in an assortment of hues and styles, so anybody can appreciate them in a space, they area economical and very simple to clean.

Whether you are looking for cheap, wipe-down chairs for a child’s playroom or something a little more stylish for your contemporary kitchen/diner, there’s a plastic chair for everywhere. For more information on the Eames Eiffel Chair, visit

When you have chosen the ideal plastic chair for your setting, here are some useful tips on how to clean them properly:

You will need

Microfibre cloth or feather duster

Baby wipes

Washing up liquid and warm water

Kitchen roll

White spirit

The Method

  1. First of all, you ought to routinely dust your plastic seats with a feather duster or microfibre cloth. Keeping up a cleaning routine will guarantee your seats stay in great condition from the earliest starting point!
  2. As well as dusting, utilize a damp cloth consistently (during your typical cleaning schedule) to wipe down the seats and dispose of any marks or spillages.
  3. On the off chance that the marks are difficult or need some additional cleaning, try using a baby wipe. For cleaning plastic dining seats, a good old-fashioned baby wipe does a fantastic job. Rub the affected area altogether with a wipe and sit tight for it to dry.
  4. For extremely stubborn stains, and just if all else fails, use a modest quantity of white spirit poured onto a bit of kitchen roll. Smear over the stain gently, being mindful so as not to rub excessively hard or spread across a lot of the seat. It may be astute to do a spot test on the underside of your seat first to test for any de-colouration!

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  1. Occasionally, when you need to do a deeper clean, you should blend a mixture of washing up fluid in a bowl of warm water. Soak a material to delicately clean the seat with the foamy water at that point pat dry with kitchen roll or a dry fabric.


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