How to rectify your Common laminate flooring mistakes

Laminate is a great looking, durable flooring but there are some common mistakes which should be avoided to keep it looking great for longer. Here are our top tips:

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Getting it too wet

You can keep laminate clean day to day with a dry mop but you will need to wash it sometimes. When you do, find a mop head that doesn’t hold too much water so you can avoid soaking the floor. A micro fibre or cloth mop is great for this, with a bucket that enables you to ring it out well. If you use too much water, it may slip down the cracks between planks and soak in causing the pieces to warp.

Buying the best

As with all things, choose the best laminate flooring that you can afford.

Laminate Wood Flooring comes in varying qualities, so it’s worth browsing for exactly what you want from a supplier such as

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Too much cleaner

You don’t need to buy an expensive cleaner, but do choose one that’s been designed for laminate. Don’t be tempted to use more than the instructions call for, or else you will leave the floor with streaks.


The best thing you can do for your laminate is to keep it well swept. Use a broom, dry mop or vacuum cleaner to clear up dust and dirt that could scratch the surface if walked around too much. For more information about dusting, read this:


Heavy pieces of furniture can damage your floor, particularly if it is something that is likely to move around. Make sure that your furniture has pads on the legs to stop it from causing scratches or dents to your floor.


Even after a clean, your floor can be left with streaks. You can remove excess cleaner with a quick mop over with water that contains either glass cleaner or vinegar to bring out the best of your floor’s shine.

Plants and pets

Make sure that your pet bowls aren’t dripping water onto the floor and put a mat underneath to catch any spills and to stop scraping. The same with plants – don’t let them drip down onto your floor.

Those are our top tips for keeping your laminate looking great. Learn from other people’s mistakes and enjoy the shine!

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