Why we enjoy reality TV shows

Over the last ten years or so, there has been an explosion of reality shows on our televisions. All of these shows work on the same premise of us watching people in everyday life. This could be programs like Big Brother or shows like The Only Way Is Essex. We are predisposed to having a curiosity about the lives of people around and of celebrities. Cameras are a part of our daily life in that CCTV helps to keep us safe and keep our homes and belongings safe as well. CCTV Worcester companies like apmfireandsecurity.com/cctv-installation/cctv-installation-Worcester/ can support businesses and homeowners with security.

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One of the reasons that we enjoy watching reality TV shows is the fact that we like stories, and stories that have a real element to them are a lot more captivating. If the story contains drama (that isn’t the drama of our own lives), it allows us to escape our own reality for a while. This is one of the major influences in what keeps us watching reality shows, even when we are cringing at the actions of the individual being portrayed for us all to see.

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Empathy is another reason that these types of shows do so well. This is due to the fact that the shows are designed for you to feel like you have a connection with the people in them, even though you have never met them. This means you become invested in their lives and, therefore, their storylines.

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