The Pentagon and its unusual shape

The US Government seems very keen to fuel the thoughts of conspiracy theorists. It might explain why they decided to build the head office of the Central Intelligence Agency in the shape of a Pentagon. It’s an odd-numbered shape and draws comparison with the pentangle that’s used in pagan worship. Considering what is written about the CIA and what it supposedly gets up to, the shape of the building tends to play into the theorists’ hands. In reality, the site of the building was situated in a place called Arlington Farms. The land was originally a pentagon shape, and President Roosevelt just said to build it as it was to save time and space.

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Leaving aside what the Agency does or doesn’t get up to, it’s quite an interesting building, built as it is in the modernist style. It still remains the biggest office building in the world in terms of capacity. It’s got 150 acres of floor space and can house up to 23,000 military and civilian workers. There are five floors inside and 2 basement levels. It’s called ground zero as it’s highly likely that in the event of nuclear war, it would be targeted first.

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It’s a job that Concrete Cheltenham based company would have loved to have a go at, as it is mainly reinforced concrete. This proved to be very strong when it was hit by a plane on September the 11th.

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