Do you want to know Why Tensile Architecture?

Tensile architecture is becoming more and more familiar. From the 02 Arena to Denver Airport and the works of visionary German architect Frei Otto, tensile architecture is engineering the future in a series of structures that are uniquely beautiful and make a huge aesthetic and design statement. Lightweight, surprisingly durable and utterly stunning, the use of tensioned membranes can create innovative solutions to the most problematic spaces. Here are some of the best reasons to consider using innovative tensile architecture in your project.

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Superior Sustainability

Tensile materials like PVC, transparent ETFE films, PTFE and insulated Tensile Membrane offer outstanding translucency to maximise natural daylight. The soft, diffused light produces a beautiful organic effect and minimises energy costs during daylight hours. Using tensioned cables is an extremely cost effective way of creating a roofing system, for a range of savings on building materials and shipping.

Insulated membranes also have excellent thermal qualities to minimise heat loss, and with a wide range of materials available, you can make the exact choice for your project. Tensile materials allow you to challenge the bland and boring and instead produce beautiful designs that work at maximum efficiency.

Lightweight and Low Maintenance

The lightweight nature of tensile structures coupled with the minimal maintenance required means your project can take a truly innovative approach to roofing. With less structural steel required, you can create great spans of column free space to create a uniquely modern feel.

Modern tensile membranes are also extraordinarily durable, and tensile architecture has been used in a number of design applications in extreme weather conditions from the frozen Arctic to the scorching desert.

A Unique Aesthetic Style

Tensile fabric structures are supremely elegant, organic and unique, thanks to the flexible characteristics of the membrane and its supporting structures. Take inspiration from iconic works by Frei Otto such as his extraordinary Fabric Roof Structures for the 1972 Munich Olympic Park. Flowing, floating, wing and wave like, your project will be a design standout, and contractors interested in Fabric Structures will appreciate the opportunities for design excellence.  If you want to look at getting your own structure built for a business then you could look at links like and they will help you with unique advice.
Tensile membranes and tensioned roofing structures can be engineered to meet all building regulations, allowing you to create something truly extraordinary without compromising on safety. So why not take a fresh thinking, design centred approach to solving roofing issues and use fabric architecture to create a bold and utterly unique solution?

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