How to Decorate Your House for St Patrick’s Day

When decorating for St Patrick’s Day, there’s a thin line between classy and trashy! With all those bold colours and leprechauns, your home can end up looking more like a kid’s party than a tastefully decorated home. Here are some quick and simple ideas to turn your holiday decorations into a pot of gold.

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Candles are one of the simplest décor ideas that can be used as permanent decorations and switched out for different festive colours depending on the season. Thick, green pillar candles will give any table, shelf or mantel a burst of bold colour, and green pillar candles can be added to any dining table centrepiece for a splash of vibrant elegance.

Throw Pillows

There are some really beautiful festive themed pillows available, and switching throw pillows to match the holiday is another really simple but effective design idea. St Patrick’s Day is all about fresh green colours and bold leaf patterns, which work great with most settings.

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Banners can be large, loud and tacky, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid hanging them altogether. There are some really nice, small designs, such as flags and bunting, that can be less intrusive as décor. With these items, less is definitely more!

Table Settings

With so many gorgeous items like decorative plates, centrepieces and napkins to choose from, it’s easy to see why table setting is such a popular decorating idea. You can browse anywhere online, such as, and find all sorts of St Patricks Day gifts and items to decorate your table. Table setting is an art in itself, so you may want to learn the basics first. Emily Post’s site is a good place to learn some quick tips to keep your dining table elegant and functional.


Nothing conjures up the spirit of Ireland like lush, green plants. No matter what your home décor style is, St Patrick’s Day decorations should always include lots of beautiful greenery. You can easily incorporate plants into any other decorations you have, such as a table centrepiece or mantel ornaments. If you already have lots of houseplants, you could easy incorporate them in to your designs by putting them in changeable, themed pots and planters. It doesn’t matter if your leaves are real or fake; make sure you have plenty of plants.

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