Types Of Lighting

Types Of Lighting

The types of lighting are based on the type of light or its source, it is classified as front light, side light, semi-lateral light, backlight, semi backlight, counter light, overhead light. And of course natural or artificial light.

Types of lighting

Illumination is understood as the action or effect of giving light to certain points, either by placing the objects in the place where they occur most or simply lighting a particular site.

Natural lightTypes Of Lighting

It is the type of lighting that is done only with the light coming from the sun. So this usually varies constantly due to the rotation of the Earth.

Artificial lightTypes Of Lighting

They are those that turn to light coming from objects, such as the flash, lamps or spots. In these cases, it is possible to manipulate certain aspects such as the direction, color, quality and intensity of it.

SidelightTypes Of Lighting

In this classification, the light source is located on one side of the object or model to be photographed. It is usually done about 90 degrees from the imaginary line that is created between that object and the camera.

Semi lateral light

In this case, the subject to be photographed must be illuminated diagonally, it is something intermediate between the front and sidelight, thus forming an angle of about 45 degrees between the relationship between the camera and said object.

Front light

The light must be right in front of what is going to be photographed, besides being with the back to the photographer. Flat images are obtained, with very little texture and very few spaces with shadows.


In these cases, the source of light, whether natural or artificial, must be placed in front of the photographer and behind what is being photographed, thus causing an effect that is completely contrary to what occurs in frontal lighting.

Semi backlight

In order for this type to occur, it is important that the light falls on the lens. So that something intermediate is seen between the side and the backlight. The main function of this effect is to highlight the texture and perspective of the photo.

Overhead light

It is the type of lighting where the light source is located above what you want to photograph, it is very rare to occur in a studio artificially.

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