Decoration with LED lights and its advantages

decoration with led lights

Decoration with LED lights is now a reality, both in the home and in public spaces. Today we are going to see some of its new uses in decoration in our home. You’ll be surprised!

Lighting is a key point in the decoration of our home. Thanks to it we can change a space completely, renew it or create unique effects. For a few years, the world of lighting has changed thanks to LED technology that offers multiple uses in space decoration. Every day we see them more, both as the main lighting and as a decorative resource that helps us create effects that were unthinkable some time ago.

But what is an LED?

The LED ( light- emitting diode) is a lighting technology that is more efficient at the energy level and, therefore, more respectful with the planet. LEDs have many advantages over incandescent and fluorescent light: energy saving (studies estimate that between 70-80% less), instant start, greater resistance to shock, resistance to continuous ignitions and shutdowns, no heat emission and something very important, they have a much longer useful life. They can provide about 100,000 hours of illumination, about 20 years, compared to 1,000 hours of a traditional incandescent light bulb.


One of the uses that I like almost every time we see more converts our stairs into real sculptures and at the center of all eyes. By installing LEDs on the stairs, we can give prominence to each step or we can give light from below so that the steps are illuminated as in the first image. It is only necessary to leave a small space on the sides of the stairs to install the LED strip. Do not you love it?

decoration with led lights

The LED strips measure just a few cms so they can be installed in a very small space, which is a great advantage when using them in decorating spaces. In this way, it is possible to install them so that the light comes from the railing and illuminates the staircase with ambient light. Also thanks to its low consumption we can leave them on as an additional ambient light.


The living room is another ideal place to install LED. In those moments when we want to watch TV, listen to music or have a moment of relaxation, we can use them to create a very pleasant and welcoming ambient light. We can use the LEDs to generate points where the light is concentrated. In this way we can choose if we direct it to the furniture or other decorative elements that we want to enhance, such as a stone wall or a special painting. Or even to certain objects that we wish to shine with their own light.


Another example of decoration with LED lights that have become more fashionable is to install them in the headboard of the bed as ambient light. Simple and easy to install and at the same time very effective and pleasant. In addition, this type of light is perfect for the bedroom where we want to relax and rest after a long day. We have also seen them installed in the structure of the bed. Another good option is to use moldings for the ceiling that already incorporate the space to put the LED so it creates a very nice lighting effect from above that we can use anywhere in the house but in the bedroom is especially nice.

And of course, we can not forget the closet or the dressing area. If you have a dressing room, it’s a great way to light it up and have everything in sight when you need it. In addition to making a very beautiful effect. Many cabinets come ready to install or even with them already included. So if you have to change your cabinets you know, it includes LEDs!


Nowadays the corridors are not what they used to be. The LEDs allow us to give the corridors a prominence and a personality that they had never had before. And is that by installing this type of lighting we can get the corridors to stop being that boring and sad place of passage. In a corridor, there is enough ambient light, like the appliques of a lifetime, but now they will not be boring.


Maybe it was one of the first places I saw them installed and I have to admit that the effect surprised me positively. Today it is part of the decoration of kitchens. The LEDs are usually located in the lower or upper part of the furniture to give them a very pleasant and warm indirect light. Kitchens that become protagonists. And have you already installed LEDs in your kitchen?


Also, the bathrooms have joined the revolution of the LEDs. From bathroom mirrors that include LEDs to transparent shower screens with a built-in light. All a revolution because it is a type of light very suitable also for bathrooms. The showers can also take them installed around although this effect we have seen more in the mirrors. In this case, it should be combined with a more intense light from above when we talk about home, but it is perfect for public or public bathrooms such as bars and restaurants.

We could continue talking about many more uses of LED, such as exterior decoration, but that we will leave for another day, or the article would be interminable. Although you can see many more options and ideas on my Pinterest page. The reality is that the LED is slowly gaining ground in home decoration and it is obvious that it will continue its progress because it offers many advantages both in terms of consumption and durability as well as decorative level.

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