Bored of your home since Covid update it with this vintage trends

Amongst our clean, modern interior designs there is always room for stylish pieces from the past. Granted, there are some items that should remain hidden in the loft, but some accessories or pieces of furniture look great in areas of the home in which a blast from the past makes an interesting point.

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Here we will look at five styles that won’t look out of place in today’s home.

1. Rattan and bamboo

As we move away from cold conservatory rooms and into integrated kitchens with chill-out spaces or cosy wood burning stoves, you will find that rattan and bamboo furniture makes its home amongst your Scandi designs. Try placing it amongst huge pot plants or on a Mexican-themed tile floor.  It is important to ensure that you do not place these items too close to your radiators or other heat source as you can find that the wood will start to splinter and fade. If you are struggling with a house that is too hot or cold it is worth contacting a Cheltenham Boiler Repair company such as who will be able to help you out.

2. Violet dreams

The colour violet is back and named as Pantone’s colour of the year. According to Pantone, the colour helps those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world. Whether the walls you paint or the accessories you use to highlight this mystic colour, it is certain that violet will bring a unique mark to your space.

3. Florals

We might be well and truly rid of the chintz in our home, but floral-covered armchairs and oversize floral wallpaper can make a grand statement. Make it bold with larger-than-life prints and colour to bring it up to date and use floral sofas as an eye-catching centre piece. Today’s floral wallpapers can be used to bring to life a feature wall and brighten a room with strong colours.

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4. Patterned carpets

This doesn’t have to give you flashbacks to your grandmother’s 70s psychedelic swirl sensation. Today’s modern carpet designs grant a nod towards the Moroccan prints we have embraced with floor tiles in kitchens and on terraces. If the idea of carpeting a whole room in pattern frightens you, why not begin with a room-sized rug?

5. Mini-bars

Whether a corner Martini bar or an area on the terrace in your garden, a mini-bar is a great retro feature that is brought to life for today’s social lifestyle. Accessorise it with cocktail shakers or stylish vintage furniture.

Make sure your interior design is up to date by using these charming retro ideas and you will find that your home will never go out of style.

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