Six skills every business coach needs

It can be lonely running a business. Decision-making and responsibility can place a weighty burden on owners, who may already be struggling with time management and resources.
Enlisting the help of a business coach is a great way to ease the burden. Business coaching is where a coach collaborates with an owner to help them set strategies, reach goals and objectives, enhance leadership skills, and improve their mindset. By building a trusted relationship, they can work together to focus on business growth.

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1. A business coach must build rapport with their clients in a way that fosters open, honest, and respectful communication.

2. They must ask thought-provoking and meaningful questions, crucial for self-discovery and insightfulness.

3. They must collaborate with the business owner to set goals, meet objectives, review progress, and celebrate successes.

4. A business coach must help formulate and embark upon the next steps, agreeing actions that are well-aligned with the goals and setting a concrete strategy for progress.

5. A business coach must keep all sessions focused, on track, and distraction-free. They must support business owners to move away from unhelpful topics and guide them to a place of being constructive.

6. Business coaches must be highly attuned to body language, picking up messages and emotions that help provide a clear guide of thoughts and feelings even when they have not been vocalised.

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Business coaches

A professional business coaching service can help identify problems within a business, seek answers to these challenges, and provide solutions and improvements. They seek to analyse the business from both a short- and long-term perspective, using methods that make the best use of time and mean the business owner can still focus on other areas. Coaching can be conducted on a one-to-one basis, in peer workshops, or using online resources.

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Good business coaching can make the difference between failure and success, with even seasoned entrepreneurs benefitting from a new, fresh, and objective viewpoint.

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