How to exchange house? 10 tips and recommendations

How to exchange house

If you and your family want to travel, but despite having the time and desire, the budget is usually a problem for you. Here, you are about to discover the solution to this problem. It can do vacationing. The old tradition of staying in a hotel has not gone out of style. There is a “new” method that everyone loves and that is becoming very popular. It is about the exchange of houses.

How to exchange house?

How to exchange house

A good first may sound a little strange, but it is a reality that began in the ’50s; when university professors who had free time came up with the idea of moving one to the other’s house and vice versa, all in order to vacation without spending much.

The exchange of houses has been growing as an industry and becoming something more sophisticated than what teachers did. Stay with us and discover with the most important steps you must take if you want to venture into this new method of enjoying a vacation.

Why is exchanging houses becoming so popular?

There are many reasons we could list and why people already have experience. They continue to exchange houses with the passing of the years each time the vacation season arrives.

The first thing we can mention is the fact of the seasons. During high seasons, the prices of hotels, inns, neighborhoods, and resorts. All increase in price. It is true that many times you can book in advance, and although the total expense decreases a good amount. The truth is that it is still much superior to the fact of exchanging a house.

Another important detail may be that, although the hotels and inns are comfortable. Many times, they usually offer a synthetic experience of the real culture there in that place where you vacationed. Tourism plans and scheduled trips are expensive and often omit those details that could “scare” tourists.

That experience is always expensive and incomplete. However, when you exchange a house with a family, a person or couple; You can live a real and authentic local experience. Code with the neighbors and the people of the day-to-day community with which the owners of the house rub elbows. Carry out a free tourist plan that covers both the good, the bad, the magical and the ugly.

The biggest reason that exchanging houses is becoming so popular is the savings generated by this vacation model. Many families have made the calculations of their vacations and, in accommodation, vehicle and many other things; They can spend $ 11,000 USD.

However, exchanging houses; the final amount is much less than half that amount, so why not do it?

What you should know before swapping houses

The most important thing to keep in mind is that being your first experience; You will surely find that it will be very difficult for the current community to admit you. This method is gaining popularity. The families have already made their contacts and, to avoid a bad time, they prefer to go for the known thing than for what they could know.

For that reason, the first step you should take is to register on a highly reputable website dedicated to helping people who want to exchange houses.

But, how is a website of a high reputation? First of all, do not be fooled by the facade; Before registering anywhere, look for opinions on the Internet of people who have used it.

That is why you should seek information directly from those who use the site, either through its Facebook, some channel of reviews. Calling people who claim to have used the site.

Make sure you are protected at all times

A good home exchange page offers mediator services to make the change if one of the parties wants it. In addition to giving detailed instructions of the small details you must take into account when making the exchange.

Both parties must reach an agreement regarding the payment of the services during the time of the exchange. This is done to prevent an electricity or water bill from reaching exorbitantly high and you have to cover everything.

The parties can and should know each other and talk before the change; either by phone or some internet medium.

The registration of users on the page must ensure that, in the event of any irregularity, the page itself can legally support those who have a complaint or complaint.

And so, the terms and conditions of the use of the site and of the exchanges; it can be mediated through several clauses to guarantee that your property will not be compromised.

Make a change in unison

Users with reputation and experience usually make exchanges with other people during specific dates and not on vacations when everyone travels.

A clear example is when a person who owns an apartment for two has the possibility of going to stay with their parents for one or two weeks; in that period, that person could exchange house with someone else; Let’s say a couple.

Although what he is really doing is lending his house while he stays with his parents; A contract is opened between both parties. So, the person could stay in the couple’s house later that year.

The period of time rarely exceeds six months and certain clauses could enter into force. When you have experience and contacts have been made, it is a great alternative to give others a comfortable stay and guarantee later.

However, as a new member that should not be the model you should follow. Actually, you must make an exchange at the same time with a reputable member.

The dynamics are simple, both agree a date to travel. If you can not match at any point to exchange the keys, then you can leave the key to your home in the hands of a neighbor.

The other person would do the same and, the moment that each one arrives at the other’s house; the exchange would take place completely. The same would happen with the keys of the cars and other accesses.

How to make your first exchange successfully?

There are several key steps you can take to ensure that your first exchange is a success.

To begin to gain reputation, try to make an exchange with someone who is registered in the same place you are going to use and; that you can meet in person before making the change.

Someone with a good reputation and experience. So that his review is taken into account by the rest of the people. You have several exchanges of this type to know better your country without spending in hotels and; Then you can try to make exchanges that involve crossing the oceans.

Take good pictures, but real

Do not use the photos. Show your home as it is, but ordered. Likewise, exposing the benefits of living in your community and the places of interest to which those who make the exchange could go.

A good habit of the users is: Offer people a tourist guide with places of interest and where you can really appreciate the culture of the country. Transportation guides, prices, places where they should eat and; very special places that should not go. Either at certain times of the night or at no time. Take the time to make a tourist guide and include your neighbors in your project in case they are close to you.

Do not give up if you do not want

Even if it is difficult for you to get someone to exchange with, you have the deadline on your heels. Do not make a change that you do not feel comfortable with. If until now only a couple with children has agreed to make the change, but you do not want children in your house; do not give.

If the only person interested in a new user wants to change two steps and he/she wants to go to your house first. Do not sign in Keep your position firm, we guarantee that someone good will want to do the exchange sooner rather than later.

Honesty, first of all

If you cause any damage or if something displeases you from the exchange; Talk first with the owner of the property you are in and then make sure you tell your experience on the exchange management portal.

That is the true way to build a reputation. Better to make a change with someone who breaks something and pays it than with someone who “broke nothing” but found it broken.

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