Are you opening a new House or Apartment? It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a differentiating air with the choice of your newfloors and walls with textures, colors and designs that generate different sensations and give balance to your new environment.

1. Choose the design style of your house.

It is true that there are many styles and sometimes it is difficult to define why we are going,  we create with you that special space that you dream of with one or more styles, the important thing is to give you that identity that characterizes you and makes you different.

The trends show us the wood finishes as one of the favorites where we find different designs, in a wide range of colors and with different finishes. One of the most outstanding styles are those that show the wood is its natural state with its imperfections, without dissimulation, with marked veins that give an aspect of prolonged use.

2. Choose the colors.

As for the color , if the area of ​​your space is size S (small spaces) you will have to opt for very light colors – even in the wood – only this way you will achieve a feeling of spaciousness.

Gray is an interesting color option since it is still one of the star colors and has a diversity of tones so you can choose the one that best suits your space, looking to have it in floors and furniture, combining it with wood tones and colors live in upholstery, walls and different surfaces .

One of the favorite combinations of our designers is gray with green and beige tones. Very natural and relaxing, especially for bedrooms.

3. Walls with ceramics.

A wall with ceramic applied to various spaces, the most common are kitchens and bathrooms , however the trends show us new spaces with ceramics or porcelain in walls where textures and colors are the protagonists, these new proposals that go out of the ordinary they add vitality and differentiation to that social space or bedroom that dares to break with different proposals.

4. Painting on the walls.

The trend of walls with worn finishes continues to give the sensation of carrying over time, very much in line with the industrial style that has prevailed so strongly in recent years.

Apply colors and textures with Alpha paints in your favorite spaces, where you think you need that special touch that identifies your own style, remember that we have in our stores with more than 1,500 colors to bring life and color to your new projects.

5. Ceramic floors.

Spaces dela most common house with floors in ceramic are the bathrooms and kitchen , when choosing them is important to note that they have a non – slip texture to prevent slipping and have an unwanted accident, our consultants can advise you on which is the best option according to your style.

6. Laminate floors.

We tell you that laminate floors have multiple benefits since they add to your space elegance, temperature, style, practicality at the time of assembly, durability and resistance. Opt for our offer of differentiated laminate flooring and Italian trend design.

7. Evoke nature.

To get a relaxed house we suggest you choose designs on floors and walls that evoke nature as woods , stones, and marbles with their characteristic tones that range in colors of brown, gray, white and black, look in these colors what fits better to your style and decoration, look for in them the sensations that you want to live and transmit to your guests.

Remember that the important thing about this concept is to connect with your environment and with the nature that inspires you to create that space that identifies you.

8. Loft-type environments.

Recreate urban, cosmopolitan and modern environments, ceramics and high definition HD porcelain that perfectly mimic those oxidized, metallic or worn-out textures with formats that go out of the ordinary in size to allow them to remodel in a way modern and current.

9. Large format floors.

The floors in large formats give amplitude to your spaces thanks to the dimensions that exceed the classic formats of 60 x 60cms, this reduces the presence of joints, but you wonder what is a board? It is the small space that there is between piece and piece that oscillates between 2 and 5mm, to the being smaller the amount of joints in the complete area generates us a less saturated perception in the floor or the wall .

10. Elegant marble floors.

For classic men and women who love light, brightness and elegance, white marble for its clear tone gives us luminosity and helps us expand the spaces, we recommend choosing our Calacata HD Marble to add these characteristics to that space that you have dreamed of having.

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