Ergonomics are important with Conference room chairs

Although purchasing chairs for conference rooms is likely to be considered a straightforward task, there are more aspects to consider than you might initially think.

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Considerations when buying office furniture

During the process of an office fit out, aesthetics often comes top of the priority list. The thinking behind this is likely to be that modern design and a modern office could reflect the brand of the company.

While top-of-the-list considerations for choosing furniture for the conference room might be aesthetics, manageability (such as the best material for easy cleaning), comfort or additional options (such as chairs with wheels), ergonomics and the wellbeing of colleagues or visitors should also be reflected upon, as today’s meetings can extend for many hours.

Workplace regulations

In the UK, the Health and Safety at Work Act provides a regulatory framework for workplace health and safety. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) gives advice and guidelines on a variety of related issues, including office workplace set-ups that focus on seating arrangements to avoid neck, back or other pains. The guidelines could equally be applied to conference room furniture and not solely to chairs at individual desks.

Musculoskeletal problems caused by bad ergonomics in workplaces are on the rise, with a recent study revealing that 80 per cent of employees reported health issues as a direct result of not sitting correctly. This can lead to a significant number of days taken as sick leave and even to mental health problems.

Whilst most problems are related to prolonged static postures in front of the computer and during work, lengthy meetings are increasingly frequent; therefore, conference room chairs should also be comfortable and ergonomically well designed.

Conference room furniture is widely available, for when you have several clients coming in at the same time for a big meeting.  When this happens you might find some of the customers will need to stay outside the meeting room on a selection of Reception Chairs with specialist companies such as offering a great selection of office furniture, including meeting room or boardroom chairs. Every company should choose the best set-up for comfort and for reflecting the business’s identity.

Companies today will not have to compromise on design, aesthetics or wellbeing when setting up the office or a meeting room. All meeting participants will feel better if they are spending the long hours of discussions in comfortable chairs that ensure good body posture; in turn, this can lead to successful meetings and a successful business.

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