Making sure your Home can Stand up to the Winter Weather

In the winter it is not just people that can feel the cold. The bad weather and lower temperatures can have an affect on our homes and our gardens. At this time of the year, it is a wise idea to make sure that we have all the adequate protection in place to ensure that we have done the best we can to protect ourselves from any dangerous, expensive or inconvenient issues that might occur over the winter months. Here are a few things that you can do…

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Check the Heating Works – Before the cold weather sets in it is a good idea to have your heating checked properly by a professional. There are lots of parts in a central heating system from the boiler itself to the copper pipe like this which means that it needs to be well maintained. It is much cheaper and convenient to have someone come and inspect the boiler rather than having to call someone over in an emergency.

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Check the Gutters and Drains – Flooding and heavy snow in the winter, combined with the leaves that fall from the trees means that blockages in gutters and drains are a lot more likely in the winter months. Check all the gutters around the house for any blockages in them, as well as the drains. At this time of the year, you may also have moss to contend with too as it prefers damp and cool conditions.

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