Help Developing Countries in these Effective Ways

As the gap between rich and poor shows no signs of lessening, you might be wondering what you can do to help those in the poorest of communities around the world. It’s a noble thought but ploughing money into a country isn’t enough, you need to know it’s going to the right place and into the hands of the right people. Here are some guaranteed ways for you to make a difference for these communities:

  • Share your skills

Help people to help themselves by teaching them skills so they can support their families and communities. People in developing countries need to know a huge range of skills and you might be surprised to find out you have many of these skills to teach. You will discover intelligent people with a thirst for knowledge, they’ve just never had the opportunity to learn.

Skills that are required will be appropriate to their circumstances. Things like basic accounting, record-keeping or any other business subject they could benefit from individually. Volunteering to teach in grass-roots projects like this are about empowering others, letting them lead through learning and increasing their chances of economic success.

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  • Volunteer

It doesn’t have to be business skills that your share, there are many opportunities for volunteering in developing countries. Helping with health clinics, working in schools and local orphanages or spending time with a wildlife conservation project are all popular experiences that can and will change the way you see the world. Immerse yourself in the local culture, even stay with local families and form deep friendships that could last a life time. Don’t expect life to be like it is back home but travel with an open mind and a flexible attitude and you’ll receive back in kindness what you give in time and effort.

  • Storage solutions

You could help out by sending some garage shelving over so they can make things, store things and display projects they have made.  They will have so many uses for it and it will be a reasonable cost.  If you want to check out what  storage solutions from garage shelving there is available its easy to pop on to the internet.

  • Fairtrade

When buying gifts for Christmas or any other time of year, make the decision to buy Fairtrade goods. This guarantees that the money from the sale is being ploughed back into the community where the goods were crafted. Fairtrade aims to empower local communities in developing nations by offering them a fair wage for their work, supporting families and improving the economic outlook for disadvantaged people. Fairtrade items are often beautifully crafted, authentic items made with incredible skill that has been passed down the generations.

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  • Raise Awareness

One of the greatest things you can do for developing countries is tell anyone who will listen about Fairtrade and volunteering. Sharing your experiences and information can inspire others to make a difference too. There are many things going on in developing countries, issues and problems faced by poor communities that many people in the developed world have little or no knowledge of. Raising awareness and educating others can help spread the word and open peoples’ eyes to the plight of those less fortunate.

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