10 interior design secrets from the pros

After you have purchased your new home you can begin making it your own. There is no rule book available when it comes to the interior design world. Design comes from a creative outlet and with that, a natural flair for throwing colours, art and fabrics together to create something beautiful. Your colours are as important as your fabrics and if you choose fabrics first, you can build your colour scheme around them. The rooms you are redesigning should be started with a creative palette and with simplicity comes class and style. Of course if you are looking to let out your property you will want to think carefully about the ways in which you decorate your property so that it appeals to everyone. Hotels, B&Bs and even a Serviced Apartment Birmingham company such as https://birminghamservicedapartments.co.uk/ will think about the cleanliness of the colours that they choose as well as the feelings that each of these evokes, to ensure that they get the most out of their design ideas.

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The room you are redesigning should be looked at as a whole rather than piece by piece. Check out the art pieces you want to put into the room and the furniture at the same time. Are you redoing the whole thing and fitting engineered wood flooring? Are you repainting the walls and ceilings too? This is why a colour palette is important – knowing these things will get you everywhere. Art pieces that you are proud of should be put in the centre of the room and be on display properly so that they can be enjoyed.

According to an article on Mother Earth News, there are more options out there for green flooring that is friendly to your carbon footprint. So if you are redecorating and you incorporate this into your home, you are doing something beautiful for the environment at the same time. With beautiful engineered wood flooring comes furniture options to maximise the room you are in. Large mirrors to reflect light, low furnishings to add scale to a room and splashes of colour through the room.

Go Big…Then Go Home

There is a place for thrift store furnishings but your beds and sofas should never be from there. You want to go big with big items! With flooring, you could choose engineered wooden flooring as well as many other varieties depending on what look you are going for.

You can make neutral décor simply pop just by adding different fabrics and textiles. The contrast of the materials that may be full colour, splashed against neutral designs means that you have something totally beautiful in place of something plain. In small living spaces, deep furnishings can give the illusion of grandeur that a small room often lacks. Time to pick up that paintbrush and get to work!

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