The importance of a well-maintained rainwater downpipe

The rainwater downpipe on your guttering plays an important role in diverting the water away from your roof edge and into the ground. Guttering can protect your home from a whole host of different problems, which is why it is so important to maintain your rainwater downpipe. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

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Damp problems

When we experience heavy downpours of rain, both the debris and rainwater can collect in the downpipe, causing it to block and then overflow. These blockages can lead to damp problems, not only in your roof but also in your ceilings and walls. Not only is this difficult to remove but also it can be costly to repair.

Maintaining the downpipe and stopping any leaks early on is a much easier and cheaper way of preventing damp from forming in your home.

Leaking roof

The main purpose of the rainwater downpipe is to protect your roof from water damage caused by rainfall. When the downpipe is not maintained, the water accumulates and can cause your roof to leak. A leaking roof causes damage to both the inside and outside of your home, which can result in very pricey repairs if the problem goes unnoticed.

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Regularly maintaining and cleaning your downpipe will stop debris building up. You can also install pipe protectors from stockists such as to keep your gutter functioning the way it should.

Improper drainage

Downpipes are one of the most important parts of your guttering and drainage system. This is because a downpipe allows any rainwater to disperse away from your home where it won’t cause any damage. A downpipe that is improperly maintained or even fitted incorrectly can cause major water leaks; such leaks can penetrate into the foundations of your home or into your basement/cellar if you have one. This further increases your chances of experiencing a problem with damp.

Maintaining your gutters

If you do not know how to maintain your downpipe by yourself, ask a qualified professional to help you. They will be able to see whether you need anything replaced to keep the downpipe working as it should. Leaving leaky guttering outside your home will cause problems further down the line the longer it is ignored.

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