How to use a gas oven

Kitchen professionals love gas ovens to prepare their dishes. This is because they withstand high temperatures and work quickly. On the other hand, at home, they tend to behave more irregularly and imprecisely. In addition, this type of oven works with natural gas, so ventilation to the outside is needed. If you have purchased one of these electrical appliances and need a guide for its correct operation, we will teach you how to use a gas oven.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

To light a gas oven you must first find its pilot flame, located at the bottom of the appliance. You just have to open the door and look inside, where a small piece of metal is located right in the center. Then, bring a match or lighter close to the pilot hole to ignite the appliance. A blue flame will then be generated, indicating that the oven can now be used. Then, start the appliance with the corresponding buttons and that’s it.

Step: 2

The gas oven reaches a high level of heat more quickly than the electric oven and also cools down faster. This system in its conventional class has hot spots and cold spots, which causes the cooking of the food to be unbalanced. To fix this, it is better to purchase a gas convection oven, which has an internal fan to distribute the heat evenly. The oven fan is very useful for improving air circulation, which ensures that food is baked evenly. In addition, it can also be used to prevent the recipe from coming out moist from the combustion of gas. Thus, the fan keeps the food crisp and dry.

Step: 3

Likewise, gas ovens can burn the bottom of your food because the heat is usually very high in the lower area of ​​this appliance. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, it is advisable to use an insulated baking tray or pan while cooking.

Step: 4

In this type of oven, the temperature is usually irregular due to the release of gas that varies according to the moment. If you are worried about not knowing the temperature at which a food is being cooked, the ideal would be to use an oven thermometer, which you can place in the center of it to find out the level of heat at which you are baking.

Step: 5

As for where to place your food during baking or cooking, to use more direct heat it is recommended to place the tray at the bottom, while otherwise, you can place it at the top. On the other hand, right in the middle is also a good option if you prefer to get a balanced result.

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