Top dressed male celebrities

Male fashion is now more in vogue than ever it was. The increasing focus on men and what they wear has almost caught up with womens fashion. No longer is there just the pressure on ladies to look good all the time (although this is still very much where the attention of the media lies) it’s now just as important for the man in the street to not look like a complete scruff bag anymore and get away with it. The sharp dressed man that old rock band ZZ Top sang about is epitomised by these trend setters and stylish celebrities.

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  • Chris Evans, Captain America may have had a uniform but it was the cable knitted sweater he wore in Knives Out that has really set him apart as a style icon. You can copy his style with great fisherman sweaters for men like those from It helps that he;s very good looking as well.
  • George Clooney. Able to rock a suit better than anyone. George is just where style and cool has come to live.

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  • Paul Newman. He was an actor that could never look scruffy, even when he was playing a Cowboy outlaw like Butch Cassidy or a career Con such as Cool Hand Luke.
  • Samuel L Jackson. Effortlessly cool as Jules Winfield, the considerate mobster who lives the life of crime after witnessing a miracle, to the only Jedi with a purple lightsaber, this man pretty much rocks whatever you put him in.

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