Ethnic-inspired décor ideas

If you’re thinking of redecorating or overhauling your décor themes, then you might be considering an ethnic vibe. This can be achieved by cleverly using antique or vintage furniture and choosing the right mix of colours. Depending on the culture you want to emphasise, you can tailor your furniture, upholstery, and accessories to reflect that ethnic style. Here are some helpful ideas:

IndianUsing warm colours is essential for creating an Indian-themed décor. Think about different hues of oranges, reds, and yellows. Traditional wooden furniture and detailed designs on upholstery are other vital features. Indian-designed rugs and carpets work well in rooms with a neutral or earthy colour on the walls.

The use of throws and cushions with colourful, intricate embroidery is part of an Indian ethnic theme. Introduce some glittery gold, silk curtains, Venetian blinds, and luxurious red cushions for the bedroom. Other décor items you might want to incorporate include pendant lights, floor lamps, and vases.

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African – Exotic, exciting, and an explosion of colour sums up an African-inspired décor choice. You’ll want to stick with light walls but add warm colours. Think about plastering or wallpapering walls with textured wallpaper to reflect the clay walls of traditional African huts. Colour-wise – think ochre, yellow, orange, deep red, and browns. Dark wood furniture and accessories such as ethical faux animal skins, wooden face masks, and ethnic wall prints will all add to the African tribal vibe. Zebra prints, woven rugs, and wooden figurines are further African-themed objects you could incorporate.

Moroccan – Go crazy with colour, texture, and scents when you recreate a bustling Moroccan market in your home. Create mystical and mysterious vibes with bright colours, geometric patterns, lantern lighting, and fabrics. Think macrame and luxurious, detailed rugs work well on a cream and gold backdrop, with greens, reds, and oranges incorporated through scatter cushions, floor pillows, and deep red throws. When you need a Macrame Kit, visit

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AsianIf you wish to introduce some Zen and serenity into your home, then an Asian-inspired theme might be where it’s at. Floor cushions around a low table are one of the most apparent signs of Japanese culture, and the mixture of dark wood furniture against creamy backgrounds. You don’t have to abandon chairs; instead, opt for slightly elevated but low seating. An Asian-inspired décor will have a minimalist design that can help make an interior look modern and contemporary. Simplicity and reduced clutter is the ultimate goal of zen interior design. Soft rugs, natural light, and paper-panelled doors also indicate Chinese and Japanese influences.

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