Flowers used for Christmas arrangements

Christmas is a great time of year where you can gather together some beautiful flowers and make yourself a nice table decoration ready for Christmas lunch. If you head over to a Florist Tewkesbury way, such as a flower shed, you will find a whole variety of flowers and foliage that would look great in an arrangement or have the florist create one for you.

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Foliage is important when it comes to creating an arrangement for your table. During the winter you can find beautiful green leaves that will complement any flowers that you choose. Traditional flower colours for the winter season include reds and whites.

Roses are a popular choice at this time of year, they come in a number of different shades of red as well as whites and creams. You could also pair these together with some amaryllis to create a centrepiece that you will be talking about for years to come.

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If you are looking for a plant to have at home during the Christmas period you can’t beat a Poinsettia. These are traditional flowers for the season and they have dark red flowers and glossy green leaves. You must keep them away from a poinsettia if you have any pets, as they can be poisonous if consumed by them.

So, despite it being “In the Bleak Midwinter”, you can bring some colour and vibrancy into the home over these damp and grey months. It will undoubtedly look to lift the mood.

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