Looking After your Roof in the Autumn and Winter

With winter well on the way, now is the time to make sure that your home is ready for the bad weather. Although the roof is not something that we see, it is an important protector of our home, so pay particular attention to it throughout the colder months – this could prevent a problem or mean that a job is easy to repair rather than very costly and difficult. Here are some ways to ensure your roof is well maintained throughout the bad weather…

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At this time of the year you should inspect the roof regularly, or get a professional like these roofers Hereford https://rrichardsandson.co.uk/roofing-services-near-me/tile-slate-roofers/tile-slate-roofers-hereford/ to come and do it for you. Look for signs of damage to the roof such as cracks, missing tiles or if it is a flat roof particularly pools of water.

Pay attention to weather reports and make sure that after a storm or a period of bad weather such as heavy rain, ice or snow that you check on the roof for any damage that may have occurred. These are the times when damage to the roof is most likely to occur, so it is a good idea to get a good look at the roof after.

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As well as the roof itself, the drains and the gutters come under strain in the autumn in particular, as the leaves that fall from trees can block them up. Remember when you are checking the roof to also clear out the gutters if necessary.

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