Tips for making packing and unpacking easier during a house move

As well as being exciting, moving house can be a real headache. There is simply so much to pack and organise. Packing doesn’t have to be stressful though, if you keep in mind some of these useful tips:

  • Before you pack anything, have a declutter. There is absolutely no point in packing pointless items that you haven’t used for years and won’t be needing in your new home either. Sort out items into piles of useful things and things that can be given to charity, thrown out or maybe sold on.


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  • When moving boxes into your home, colour code them or mark them clearly with which room they are for. This way your removal company will know exactly where to take them and save you some of the hard work! Find out more about Removal Companies Cheltenham at a site like
  • Don’t mark boxes with ‘miscellaneous’ as this will only add to confusion for the removal company and yourself when you’re trying to settle into your new home.
  • Unpack a box at a time. If you stop mid way and start to unpack another box, you will only add to your stress levels and confusion plus the task will inevitably take longer.

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  • Some people prefer to pack kitchen items last and unpack them first in the new home. When people get hungry they can get cranky if there isn’t easy access to means to eat and drink.
  • Save space by breaking down boxes as soon as you’ve unpacked them so you have more room to move and not trip over things.

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