Sofa size and buying guide

Sofa size and buying guide

Things to know before buying a sofa: spaces in the home, dimensions, and models of sofas, corner types, with the bed, with storage compartment, bookcase, and storage to be used in different design situations.

The sofa is the most lived-in element of the home and therefore as well as being an element of embellishment and decoration it is also a fulcrum of the relaxation and entertainment environment.

Sofa modern design

-How to choose the right sofa

-Dimensions of the sofa

-Spaces for and from the sofa

-Types of sofas

-Traditional sofa

-U-shaped sofa

-Sofa with chaise lounge

-L-shaped sofa

How to choose the right sofa

For the right sofa, it is appropriate to choose not only the style but also the dimensions, which depend on some important factors, such as the available space, the presence of furniture, doors, and windows.

Dimensions of the sofaSofa size and buying guide

The sofas do not have standard dimensions but change according to the model and the number of seats.

The standard indicative measures are:

-depth 90 – 100 cm;

-width 2 places 150 -180 cm / 3 places 180 – 240 cm;

-seat height from the ground 40 cm, while the overall height of the sofa 80 – 90 cm. They are the perfect sofa size.

Spaces for and from the sofa

To allow easy passage between the sofa and an obstacle, it is advisable that there is at least 60 cm of space.

Furthermore, if the sofa is adjacent to the dining area, it is recommended that there be at least  120 cm of space from the table. This sofa size makes your house perfect.

If we have two sofas facing each other, the distance must be at least 160 cm.

If you want to put a coffee table before the sofa, this must be placed at least 50 cm, both to allow the passage and the use of the same without having to get up.

Types of sofas

There are many models and types of sofas on the market, from the classic 2-3 seats to the corner and modular sofa. As we have already mentioned, the choice of model depends on your needs and space constraints.

Traditional sofaSofa size and buying guide

Certainly, a traditional sofa is the least suitable for conversation, because you will sit in line. However, such a sofa could be integrated with a pouf, which functions alternately as a peninsula and as an additional seat.

U-shaped sofaSofa size and buying guide

A U-shaped sofa is ideal for conversing, promoting conviviality, and hosting up to a maximum of 8-10 people.

Sofa with chaise lounge

A valid variant is certainly the sofa with the chaise-longue element, capable of ensuring greater relaxation.

L-shaped sofaSofa size and buying guide

This is the type of sofa most used for open plan living rooms with an open kitchen.

In any case today, interior design is very rich in proposals and modular structures that are able to satisfy every kind of request and requirement.

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