3 Unusual things found in storage

There are some weird and wonderful things that get left in self-storage! Some people are so rich that they forget they have stored precious items and others have things so bizarre that the only place they can store them is in self-storage. Here are just a few of the crazy things people leave in storage:

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  • A body

Thankfully, no detectives were needed for this case. A family had simply decided to store granny’s body in a casket in self-storage! Why this dear lady wasn’t laid to rest is the only mystery here. It is not uncommon for the ashes of loved ones to be stored in this manner but a body in a coffin is pretty unusual. When the storage company contacted the family after 17 years, they responded that the contents couldn’t be put up for auction as it contained a body! For your more sensible storage needs, consider Self Storage Kendal from Andrew Porter, a supplier of Self Storage Kendal services.

  • A very expensive comic book

Nicholas Cage, the Hollywood actor, had a comic book stolen worth $1 million. Some years later, a person who bought a storage unit at auction found the comic book and took it to a dealer. This dealer happened to be the same one who Cage bought it off all those years previously. Cage and his comic book have now been reunited.

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  • Rare vehicles

One lucky person discovered a 1937 Bugatti that had been sitting in storage for 50 years untouched. The car was one of only a few ever made and had been in storage since the 1950s.

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