20 facades of houses to inspire you with beauty

facades of houses

When we are building our home or remodeling, one thing we have to deal with is to know how the facade will look. This is one part of the house we pay less attention. It is the one that takes much more attention from the looks of the people.

The facades of houses are like the letter of presentation of our home. Therefore, it is important that this represents the general style. For this reason, asking or asking for a 3D model of the project is always a good option to have a visualization of what the final product will look like.

Facades of houses to inspire you

Here, we will tell you everything you need to know to make this the perfect opportunity to make any changes or modifications before starting to build. So let’s start a tour of the 20 facades of houses to make our house look beautiful, modern, and chic starting from the outside in.

Facades with combined textures

1. Facades with combined textures

These styles of facades are perfect to have a neutral style; since it combines different textures and colors; starting from the wood, going through the stone and ending with the metal. In general, the colors that architects usually use are neutral, like white or cream. in combination with brown thanks to wood or gray or black due to metal or stones. We can also observe the use of red bricks as another way to add texture to the facades.

entire wooden facade

2. An entire wooden facade

Now, if the first facade is a combination of different textures and colors; in this, we find a facade only of wood; This type of material is usually one of the most used when building the facade of a house. Although it is very attractive, it is important not to use it with the entire design. The important thing is to know how to balance its use. The use of wood on facades is used in modern decorations.

Modern facades

3. Modern facades

More neat finishes characterize the style of modern facades; especially because this helps the result look current. Metal is the preferred material for building modern facades; especially because its surface is usually smooth; which makes the finish much cleaner.

Nature on the facades

4. Nature on the facades

Another form of popular facades is those that use nature in their favor; either with bushes or vines. The use of it allows to delimit and use the vegetation as a form of the boundary to guide towards the entrance.

Metal facades

5. Metal facades

This material is perfect for minimalist style facades; since it provides modernity and allows the decoration to remain stable and accurate. Either with the use of metal sheets or with small elements. The metal is perfect for any house to have an imposing appearance.

Playing with the Stone

6. Playing with the Stone

If you are looking for a more rustic style for your home. Then the use of the stones for the facade is perfect for this. The stones provide stability and are also ideal for the country or countryside styles. Not only do they make it look much rougher, but they bring elegance.

Facades for small houses

7. Facades for small houses

Many people believe that by having a small house they have to restrict themselves too many things. Among them is the design of a facade. This is not entirely true since a small house needs an attractive facade. In this way, you can achieve a visual appeal from the entrance.

windows and balconies

8. The use of windows and balconies

Another way to make the facade of our house come alive is by using the windows and balconies in our favor; These elements can help make the exterior look much cleaner and wider. Windows with shutters or frames with different textures make the facade acquire personality and style.

The same goes for the balconies; you need not have a second floor to do it; You can have small balcony vegetation surrounds that to ensure that all the elements are integrated in a better way.

Facades with the use of lines

9. Facades with the use of lines

The use of space and how you manage to integrate it is what will make your facade look incredible; in this case, the lines are usually allied; whether the design is of vertical or horizontal lines; These help the architectural composition allow integration with the rest of the home design. Above all, if you are looking for stability in terms of decoration.

Facades with outdoor entrance

10. Facades with outdoor entrance

Previously we talked about the use of balconies on the facades; This style of facades goes much further. The use of large windows, as well as much wider windows; allows the outdoors, and the view enters each space of the home; This style is perfect for modern type homes.

Putting crafts on the facades

11. Putting crafts on the facades

If you want a design more towards the contemporary style and that is more complex; So, it’s time you think about placing handicrafts on the facade; You can use vases of mud as well as pots to make the final touch. The use of earth colors in conjunction with red terracotta is usually ideal for this style of facades.

Implement bars for security

12. Implement bars for security

On the other hand, if you are looking for protection, then the bars may be your best option. Whether they are used in the windows or before the entrance; These can be an element not only decorative but also security. There are many styles of bars currently on the market, so you can choose which are the best suited to your needs.

Using slabs

13. Using slabs

Another way to give life to the facade of the houses is the use of slabs; these help the exteriors look much more attractive; Also, they allow the house to have much more protection and provide much more height.

Lighting as decoration

14. Lighting as decoration

Another way of decorating facades is with the help of lights; whether on the floor to guide the way to the entrance or exit, or place spotlights on the ceiling to illuminate important points; a facade with lighting as decoration is perfect for a modern and minimalist style.

Use of paintings nothing more

15. Use of paintings nothing more

We also find that painting may be the only thing our house needs. If you place some kind of extra element, the use and combination of colors can be ideal for you to have a perfect facade.

Contrast colors

16.  Contrast colors

Continuing with the subject of a painting, it is important to know what we want to achieve. If you are looking for contrast, then you can use neutral colors to achieve this finish. For example, the use of white with brown; or black with gray; You can also combine brown with green or yellow. It all depends on how you use the colors. In this style, it does not matter what type of textures you use.

Classical style facades

17. Classical style facades

These styles of facades are perfect for those houses that want to maintain the warmth and simplicity of this type of decoration. It is characterized by the use of wood as the main element. You can combine neutral colors or you can also use colors like blue, green, red or yellow. Also, we see that this type of style is used in many cases the brick in combination with wood.

Facades minimalist

18. Facades minimalist or modern style

The minimalist style is one of the most requested both in interior decoration and in the construction of houses. Not only because it shows modernity but also because its lines are clean and balanced. We see that I usually prefer the use of metal or colors, such as for the construction and decoration of facades. Large windows are also used to turn the composition.

Rustic style facades

19. Rustic style facades

The stones are the protagonists of this style; walls completely decorated with stone. As well as, loads of this material, is what characterizes the rustic style. Whether gray, sand or red, a house with a facade of this style has a nostalgic and modern touch.

Countryside facade

20. Countryside facade

Inspired by the countryside, the use of wood and paint are the keys to this type of facade; In addition, the placement of shutters painted white or blue is the final touch that these facades need to be country style.

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