Why do we love soap operas so much?

Viewers nationwide have been tuning in to their favourite soaps for decades, and their popularity never seems to wane. Their storylines have been the talk of the office or factory floor since TV began, but why do we love these programmes so much?

Characters are like family

We invest a great deal of time in these characters and feel like we get to know them as if they are a member of the family or friends. We laugh when they laugh and share in their grief like we would for a person we knew and cared for. However, they have the added benefit of being removed just enough from our lives to act as escapism and not as a source of stress.

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Like an old friend

We all have that special friend we don’t see for ages, but when we meet, it’s like we’ve never been apart. Soaps are like this too. We can drop out for a few weeks or months but quickly pick up where we left off. Thankfully, most soaps move slower, especially if they are on several times a week, so if we miss some episodes, we soon feel welcomed back and up to speed again. Ensure you don’t miss too many due to a problem with the TV. When you need TV aerial installation Bristol, contact Aerial Installations, a TV aerial installation Bristol company.

Fascinating plot lines and secrets

What keeps us hooked are the twists and turns of drama that we don’t often come across in our real lives. The question over paternity, who killed so-and-so, will the affair be discovered, and how will this love story end? All characters have incredible secrets that we know will eventually come out, as characters cannot keep secrets well!

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Whether the characters are in prison, in a car crash, on their deathbed, or giving birth, they always look fantastic. Perfectly made up and coiffured, with the benefits of TV lighting techniques. We know it’s not real, but we enjoy seeing glam and seeking inspiration for a new look, maybe!

There’s always a well-stocked bar.

Whatever time of day, there always seems to be a fully stocked bar available in the soap world. Whatever your tipple, most soap characters can quickly pour you a drink whenever situations get tough. Either that or put the kettle on.

No one dies

It has been said that characters in soaps have nine lives, like a cat. If they die in one, chances are they’ll soon reappear in another soap. Of course, in some programmes, dead characters have even been resurrected in the past, making shocking returns in special episodes.

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