Travertine marble: advantages and uses in the home

Travertine marble takes us, almost automatically, to elegant and sophisticated spaces, both inside and outside the home. It is a material that has been used for centuries and its resistance has made it a symbol in the world of architecture and decoration.

On this occasion, we will be reviewing the origin and characteristics of travertine marble. We will also see its advantages and what are some of the uses that can be given to it.

Where does travertine marble come from?

As its name indicates, it comes mainly from the Italian region of Travertine, where it is extracted from its quarries. He has always been linked to luxurious environments and classic style. However, at present, the use of it has spread and it shines in houses of any kind.

As for its characteristics, it is a limestone and porous stone, with a fairly smooth finish. The predominant tones are light yellowish towards pastels, which come from the remains of sulfur and other iron compounds and organic pigments.

Its main components are calcite and gypsum. Most of the minerals that make it up are colorless. This is why it has a clear base and veining.

If we talk about the finishes, we can mention a natural one, in which the porosity of the stone in its natural state is not hidden and gives a rustic appearance. On the other hand, if it is polished, the shine of the marble can be seen, which provides elegance and luminosity.

Advantages of travertine marble

There are many benefits that this type of natural stone brings if we decide to incorporate it into the rooms of the home. Let’s see some advantages.

The marble used on the floors requires care without chemicals. Ammonia should be avoided.


This is one of its main advantages. If we take into account that the structures made with this marble have been around for centuries and are still standing, we can be certain that it is a resistant material.

It does not deteriorate with the sun, rain, or wind, so its use in outdoor spaces is more than wise. It also resists bending, temperature changes, and even humidity. This resistance gives it excellent durability.


Beauty is a plus because nothing else is needed to adorn a travertine marble floor or countertop. Its tones and natural veins speak for themselves. An environment containing this stone will enjoy elegance and delicacy.


It is easy to clean since it does not need any type of chemical product. Ammonia is very abrasive and could damage the stone. The best way to clean travertine marble is with water and neutral soap.


Its high porosity gives it the characteristic of being non-slip. It is not a minor detail, since it makes it a very convenient option for outdoor floors and pool edges.

Uses of travertine marble

As we have mentioned, this natural stone can be used both outside and inside the house, thanks to its versatility. Which one will you choose for your home?


Marble floors, in addition to being sophisticated, are timeless. We have already talked about its durability. Not only are they easy to clean, but they provide safety because they are non-slip. On the other hand, the brightness and clarity that a floor with these characteristics brings to an environment are highly sought-after qualities.


Both in kitchens and bathrooms, the walls can be covered with travertine marble instead of the classic tiles. It is worth the change because the final result will be luxurious spaces full of brightness.


Here it can also be applied on the kitchen countertop and bathroom sink. One of its advantages is that being of light and neutral tones, they combine with any accessory that you want to add.


Finally, we can find tables, side tables, nightstands, bars, breakfast bars, and kitchen islands, among other furniture for the home. You only have to consider the weight of the final product.

In addition to being used on gallery floors and pool edges, it is often used to cover facades. It is important to highlight the wall cladding with travertine marble, as it is resistant to any climatic condition.

Travertine marble is a perfect option for the home

This natural stone is very versatile and can be used in practically any space in the house. Its use is reminiscent of elegant environments, with a minimalist tint and Nordic reminiscences.

The only disadvantage that it may have is the cost, although in reality, its durability and resistance, as well as the almost zero maintenance, compensate its price. We hope that you can introduce it in your home and achieve that change you are looking for.

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