How to care for Pothos plants?

How to care for Pothos plants

Commonly known as pothos or potus, we refer to an indoor plant of the Arosa family. Its use is basically as a decorative element in the home, shopping centers, offices, etc. It is a very attractive plant thanks to its showy green and yellow heart-shaped leaves. In this article, we will see simple tips on how to care for Pothos plants.

How to care for Pothos plants?

You will need:

  • A cutting of pothos
  • A flower pot
  • Fertilizer
  • A plate with stones that we will use as drainage

How to care for Pothos plants

First step:

If we do not have a pothos yet to take care of, it would be enough if we had a cutting of 15-20 centimeters that we would keep a few days in water until they put some small roots or somebody directly puts it in the pot of earth. I prefer it in the water, but you can do it both ways. The pothos likes to grow entangled and climbing, so it would be advisable to place in the pot a trunk or a stick that allows him to get entangled.

Second step:

Once we have our pothos in your pot, we will look for a good place for you. They do not feel well to receive sunlight directly, but they love the bright places, so you have to look for a bright area but not the sun directly.

Third step:

About the temperature, the one that is inside the house is good, but you have to avoid very low temperatures and also very high temperatures. If it could be between 10 and 25 degrees.

Fourth step:

Regarding irrigation, it should be moderate: it would be good to water the pothos every 10 days in winter and every 5 days in summer. If we water it excessively, the leaves will start to turn brown.

It should be noted that, in a certain way, pothos like the humid environment. To achieve this environment, we can do it by placing a plate with stones under the pot or using a sprayer on the leaves.

Do not change a lot the pot pots. Not before every 2 years.

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