How to make an artificial vertical garden?

artificial vertical garden

The vertical gardens are one of the best solutions to the lack of space in many homes, especially in large cities. It is the most efficient and easy way to enjoy a piece of nature in urban environments. However, when making an artificial vertical garden, it is important to take into account several aspects so that it looks leafy and so that the plants look beautiful and attractive. If you want to know how to make an artificial vertical garden step by step, keep reading. We discovered it!

Where to make an artificial vertical garden?

artificial vertical garden

The first thing you should do to create an artificial vertical garden is to select the right location. In this sense, several factors must be taken into account:

Choose the perfect place: The first thing we have to take into account is that the place we select is the most appropriate. A vertical garden does not stop being a decorative element that occupies a certain space, so it is important that the artificial vertical garden is not located in a place of passage or in a place that may disturb the development of day-to-day activities. Likewise, it is also important to select a place that, without disturbing the passage, is sufficiently visible so that it can be seen without the problem. The objective of an artificial vertical garden is to decorate, so we should not put it in a place that can not be seen.

Adapt the design and structure to the place where we will place it: it is also important to define well what size and shape the artificial vertical garden will have since this will allow us to be more concrete in its construction.

Make a list of the materials we will need: this helps to specify the elements we need for its construction, which will also help us to avoid buying more elements than necessary.

Assemble the structure of the artificial vertical garden

Once we have selected the right place to create an artificial vertical garden, it will be time to arrange the structure that allows the vertical placement of the plants. In this sense, you can find prefabricated structures that adapt well to most spaces, especially if they are small. However, you can also assemble the structure yourself. For this, we can use materials such as wood and wire and plastic bottles reused for this task.

The most important thing when assembling the structure is that it is solid and resistant. That is to say, we will have to do it thinking it has to support the weight of the plants and, above all, of the pots. In this sense, the use of recycled plastic bottles is a good alternative, since they weigh little, they occupy little space and, in addition, allow to reuse a residue as polluting as plastic.

How to make an interior vertical garden with artificial plants

interior vertical garden with artificial plants

When making an interior vertical garden with artificial plants, we must remember they are plants that do not require the same care as natural plants. Therefore, we will have much greater freedom when designing the artificial vertical garden. One of the tips that will help us the most when making the artificial vertical garden look beautiful is that it is leafy.

The amount of plants that we put in the garden is enough to cover the structure. An artificial vertical garden that allows seeing the internal structure will give a poor or unfinished appearance. Therefore, it is important that we complete the entire surface, placing both large and small plants.

Likewise, another factor we can take into account is to emulate the sensation of natural odors. To do this, we can hide one or more air fresheners with the smell of flowers in the back of the vertical garden. In this way, we will receive the smell every time we are near the garden, so we will create a much more realistic feeling. The smell of lavender is one of the most intense and lasts longer, so it is a good way to start.

How to make an outdoor vertical garden with artificial plants

To make an exterior vertical garden with artificial plants, we will have to follow the same steps we have already mentioned. However, it is also important that we take into account several important aspects to avoid that can deteriorate easily.

In this sense, the exterior is a much more damaging environment for our artificial vertical garden. Therefore, it is important to select plants that are not made of cloth but with plastic or other materials resistant to moisture and rain.

Likewise, it is also recommended to place the artificial vertical garden in a place where the sun does not directly affect, since this can cause the artificial plants to lose their color or, even, to deteriorate easily and have to change them after a few months.

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