6 Evergreen and Fast growing trees to beautify your garden

Fast growing trees

The trees are fundamental for the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere and, furthermore, they are of great help in summer and winter in any garden. The trees provide us with shade and protection, and they are also fundamental decorative elements in any green area. However, many of them take a long time to grow until they start to be useful. Next, we present 6 fast growing trees that will serve you if you want to enjoy a good size tree in a short time.

6 Evergreen and fast growing trees

We also tell you what you have to do if you want to enjoy fast-growing trees that have perennial leaves for the whole year. Keep reading!



The ash is one of the trees that are cataloged of fast growth. There are over 60 different species of ash. Most have deciduous leaves, although some species have evergreen. It has a straight and cylindrical trunk, which allows it to project enough shade. It reaches a length that goes between 15 and 20 meters.

As it is a kind of tree that grows in a short time, it is ideal for those who want to plant a ground or garden from scratch, but soon you can enjoy the shelter and decoration that these trees provide. However, this same reason, also makes your wood is commonly used in the manufacture and manufacture of furniture.



The willow is another of the fast-growing trees, although we must bear in mind that it is a family of trees composed of some 400 species, which means that there are some growing faster than others. The most famous of all are the willows of Babylon or the weeping willows.

It is a tree that grows in temperate and cold regions of the northern hemisphere. It needs a lot of water, which makes it also grow in humid areas but with cool temperatures. It is one of the trees that more shade can reach, which makes it very appreciated in parks and gardens.

To know more about the benefits that can bring you one at home, in a COMO tell you How to take willow bark and its properties, because this is the part of this tree that is consumed.

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Eucalyptus trees are Australia’s original fast-growing trees. However, it is a very resistant tree that adapts very well to any soil. Due to this, nowadays they can be found in almost any region of the planet. Eucalypts are fast-growing trees and, for this reason, they are commonly used in the furniture and paper industry, as well as in the cosmetics industry. Also, they are also very decorative trees. Therefore, they can be found easily in parks and gardens.

Why do we say that eucalyptus is one of the most useful fast growing trees you can have? Well, because it is full of health benefits, especially to prevent and treat respiratory and skin conditions.

Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut

The horse chestnut, also called chestnut false, is named after the fruit. This fruit is very similar to traditional chestnuts. However, it does not serve to be eaten, and its only similarity to the traditional chestnut is limited to appearance.

Horse chestnuts are fast growing trees in dry and wet areas. They grow well in a multitude of dry and humid environments, although they prefer environments where there is no drought. This tree can grow up to 30 meters in length, although the majority stays around 10 or 20 meters maximum.

It is very sought after by the multiple properties it has for our body if it is taken properly, consuming or using external parts such as its bark or leaves. The horse chestnut is used for a variety of aspects of health, but it stands out for taking care of the circulatory system, being good for curing hemorrhoids and also for treating varicose veins.


Persian silk tree

Persian silk tree is a type of acacia. It receives many names apart from dried mimosa, such as acacia mimosa or French acacia. It is a tree widely used in parks and gardens due to its high ornamental value and its rapid growth. It is highly valued as one of the types of trees for a small garden.

The Persian silk tree presents very branched and sinuous cups, which allows it to adapt to most environments and cover a larger part of the surface. This translates into a tree that provides a good amount of shade and that, thanks to the rapid growth it has, allows you to create shaded spaces in a short time.



One of the problems with many fast-growing trees is the fact that, during the cold months, they lose their leaves. Deciduous trees lost their leaves in winter too, once the good weather has recovered, to present them again in parallel with the flowering. This means that many of them, although they are apt for parks and gardens due to their rapid growth, are not suitable as far as shade or protection is concerned. However, if what we want is to find fast growing and evergreen trees. The most advisable thing will be to opt for the varieties linked to the conifers.

Conifers are trees acclimated to cold environments. Therefore, they do not lose leaves during the winter. But, in this case, most are slow-growing trees. Despite this, yes you can find some species that meet both requirements: rapid growth and evergreen. Some examples of these species would be yours, some varieties of cypresses, as well as fast-growing junipers.

We should always bear it in mind that, as a general rule, conifers will have a slower growth rate than many other deciduous trees. Here, having evergreen trees we can enjoy throughout the year.

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