Ideas to organize the bathroom and decorate it

Does it cost you to reach your toothbrush without hitting your moisturizer in the sink? By storing everything from giant bath towels to tiny tweezers, bathrooms can be one of the busiest spaces in the house. Make your bathroom an organizing sanctuary with these ideas for storage in small bathrooms.

1. Take advantage of the bathroom door space

The door is an ideal place to explore how to organize a small bathroom. Hang a cloth bag on the back of the door to store hair brushes, dryers, cosmetics and other accessories. The more hooks you have, the more things you can hang!

2. Organize your toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles tend to slide down the side of the bathtub, so a great idea for bathrooms is to place a hanging shower bag. A three-level bathroom vanity over the shower door can triple the space where you store your toiletries.

3. Use the corner space

Another idea on how to organize the bathroom to save space is to keep the shampoo and conditioner in a vanity case attached to the corner of the shower, which will facilitate access to everything you need. If you prefer not to drill holes in the tiles, opt for one with suction handles designed to stick to the wall.

4. Magnetic magic

This is one of the ideas to organize the bathroom that will save you a lot of time. Install a magnetic strip on the back of the door of your bathroom cabinet. This will serve to hold your metal personal hygiene tools, such as nail clippers, pinzzas, hair clips, eyelash curlers and scissors.

5. Stacked shelves

When it comes to ideas for decorating small bathrooms, you can not ignore the useful space you have over the toilet cistern. Install shelves stacked on your toilet and use them to hold rolls of absorbent and resistant toilet paper.

6. Build a built-in shelf

This is an idea that requires more work, but also one of the best ideas for storage in small bathrooms. The built-in shelves keep your toiletries out of the way, while integrating perfectly with the design of your shower or bath. Just make sure there are no obstacles, such as electrical wiring, on your wall before you start cutting.

7. Increase the shelf life of your shelves

When looking for how to organize a small bathroom it is important to make the most of the space on each side of the mirror cabinet. Choose a unit that has shelves on each side and that allows you to have easy access to your daily items, such as toothbrushes and combs. If yours does not have shelves, try placing hooks on the side of the unit to hang towels and clothes.

8. Find a practical towel rack

Installing a towel rack for hand towels under your sink is one of the best ideas for small bathrooms. It does not take up extra space in the bathroom, it will facilitate the drying of your hands and has the additional advantage of keeping your hand towels separated from the shower towels.

9. Put everything in one basket

One of the basic elements when organizing a small bathroom is the basket of confidence. The baskets are versatile, make the most of the space on the floor and you can store from towels to cardboard tubes of toilet paper inside. You can place them on stacked shelves, leave them on the floor or store them on top of the bathroom cabinets.

Tip: How many times have you found yourself in the bathroom without toilet paper? Make sure you always have enough rolls of toilet paper stored to provide welfare for the whole family, whether on stacked shelves or baskets. For a greater sense of hygiene, complement the dry toilet paper with Regio wet toilet paper.

10. Organizer bottles

The jars are perfect organizers and also offer ideas for decorating small bathrooms. They are used to store cosmetics, cotton swabs, toothbrushes and cotton pillows. In addition, they are large blank canvases for you to let your creativity flow: ask the children to help you decorate them with glass paint! Set them up on a shelf or place them on a wall bracket.

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