5 Different types of air conditioning for home

The air conditioning units, essential for the distribution of fresh air at home, are available in a range of products. So wide that there will necessarily be a model adapted to your needs. Indeed, you have the choice of the aesthetics, the power, the system of installation or even the possibility of choosing. How the ventilation will be carried out. Here we present different types of air conditioning for home. Too better understand the products available on the market. We will perform for you a tour of the types of air conditioners and explain their operations.

Different types of air conditioning

Summer season is coming. So for the summer season, we have to maintain our air conditioning system. Here we represent you the different types of air conditioning that you can know for the first time.

Monobloc air conditioner

As a first step, you will find monobloc air conditioners, consisting of a single unit and designed to cool small areas such as an office. Their usefulness will be mainly extra because their power is limited. By cons, they are very easy to install and have wheels if they are mobile, to position them in the desired room. There are also models that can be built into a window.

Split air conditioner

Then there is a very complete range of split air conditioning. As the latter offers 5 possible installation variants :
The first is a mobile air conditioning on wheels but must be connected to the outdoor unit by a sheath. The second proposal is a device called a console that can be recessed anywhere and has the distinction of having up to 2 air outlets possible. The third type is called a wall-mounted air conditioner. As the name suggests, it is fixed to the wall and suffering from any constraint of loss of space in the room. The fourth solution is ducted air conditioning, suitable for spaces where the aesthetic premium. Because the laying of supply ducts can be done in false ceilings or in the attic. And finally, the inevitable air conditioning system cassette. Very widespread in the company thanks to its power suitable for large rooms. It’s also for its ability to ventilate in 4 directions. This installation has a disadvantage, the ceiling height must be at least 3 meters to not feel the breath on oneself.

Gas Air Conditioning

Much less common, there is also air conditioning gas that offers the reversibility. The system and can, therefore, provide freshness as heat.

Solar air conditioning

There is also solar air conditioning, more ecological. It may have some financial assistance for its installation.

Reversible Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

More in line with its time, the market now offers reversible air conditioners also known as heat pumps. A heat pump has the primary function of heating and reversible air conditioners to refresh. They can both reverse their function punctually.


The different types of air conditioning mentioned above, can all be only air conditioning or have the dual function. We hope to have enlightened you on the way of the choice of your air conditioner and do not hesitate to ask for free quotations by means of the form to fill which follows.

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