The 10 basic keys to your floor decoration

floor decoration

Let’s see the 10 basic keys to your floor decoration and not die trying. A project that can be very fun, enriching and even creative if you let yourself be guided by some simple guidelines and do not want to do everything at once, do we start?

It’s September and maybe you’re about to go to your new apartment with all the illusion of releasing your new home. Your refuge where finally decorate as you always dreamed and give free rein to your imagination. But floor decoration from the beginning may seem like an endless task if you do not know where to start or what to focus on.

basic keys to your floor decoration

  1. Where do I start? For your needs

The first thing we have to be clear when starting a decorating project are the needs. When you work for a client, you sit down with him and carefully analyze his needs, activities that take place at home, number of family members, where they spend most of the time, animals, hobbies. In this case, you will have to do the same thing, but analyzing your own and the other members of the family well. This will allow you to make the most of the stays and focus first on the areas that are most important to feel comfortable at home. In what areas do you spend the most hours? What elements do you need and could not live without them? Are there animals at home? Do you come frequently?

2. Study the distribution of space

The next step when it comes to floor decoration is to be clear about the space we have and what areas we will allocate to each activity. Again it may seem obvious but there may be multiple options depending on which areas you will give prominence and your preferences. It will be very different if we talk about a finished floor or not if they have already given us the distribution of the kitchen or we should do it ourselves. But even if everything seems definite, spend time analyzing the space and its possibilities and maybe you will be surprised finding hidden possibilities.

3. The importance of Lighting when floor decoration

Before setting out to buy table or ceiling lamps, we must study the lighting in each room, as this is one of the aspects that most influences in creating a sense of comfort and home. We must give priority to natural lighting, through curtains or blinds that let in light, and reinforce it with artificial light. Depending on the use of each room we must study what kind of lighting we will need. The general light will be given by ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and spotlights that will give us global lighting for the stay. This general lighting will be reinforced with spotlighting by the stand and bedside lamps. At home, we seek above all warmth so we will enhance the indirect lamps and warm tones in the light.

4. Start by deciding the decoration of walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings are the first elements that you must choose when decorating your floor decoration because floors usually come already given. The choice of color can totally change a space so it is something that we should reflect well. Keep in mind that spaces with little or little lighting should be painted in light tones to enhance the light or light up very well if you bet to paint them in a dark color. Here we tell you some of the usual mistakes when painting so you do not fall into them.

5. How to organize your floor decoration? The order is very important

In order not to go crazy with purchases, it is essential to be clear about what we are looking for at all times and to keep in mind how you are going to floor decoration. If not, you will go for the sofa and you will come home full of table lamps, vases, cu.shions, and that ideal quilt … you do not know if you will do well with the rest of your house. The compliments are very tempting because of their low price and great variety … but they must be the last touch to your home, not the first one! That’s why it’s good to be clear about what we’re looking for and to focus on that. Focus first on the areas of most use, room, and lounge. Which is a priority for you? Well, start there. And look for the core elements you need for her. It is also good to have a budget and so stick to it or not deviate too much to at least know that this deviation will mean giving up or delaying another purchase.

6. You must live your home to transform it into a home

A common mistake when floor decoration is to have the house completely decorated from the beginning. The houses must be lived to know the real needs we have. Especially when we talk about a first home and we have little experience in riding floors. Living in them gives us precious information that will help us get the furniture just. Do we need a coffee table? Which size? Where do I put it? Once you have the basic elements you will see clearly what else you need or would like to include for comfort or for aesthetic reasons. Simplicity is a good strategy, start with the basics and then you can always include more things. It is better a space wider than one overloaded with furniture in which it is difficult to circulate.

7. Betting on quality in important pieces

The materials are something very important that sometimes we tend to forget dragged by the need to have everything already. Especially if we talk about materials that will be in contact with our bodies such as sheets, towels, carpets, sofa upholstery … Remember that when floor decoration is not necessary to have the house finished in two days so you bet for better quality and you see little by little doing everything you need. This also applies to important furniture like the bed, the chairs or the sofa in which it is worth spending money because they are going to have a lot of use and we must take care of.

8. The art of combining colors and textures

Once you have the basic and essential elements to floor decoration you must finish building the decoration with accessories and decorative elements on them. There is a simple rule for coordinating colors, known as the 60-30-10 method, that tells us in what proportions we should use color in a room. We select three colors as a base: a neutral one that we will use in 60% of the space, another one for 30% (an intermediate tone and that gives many combination options) and finally one more alive for the remaining 10%, basically in the compliments so you can renew it easily if you get tired of it. I honestly have never used it, I always let myself be guided by my intuition, but I think it can be a good start if you’ve never done it before and a way to train yourself visually. You can also let yourself be inspired by the color palettes, you’ll find hundreds on Pinterest. Here are some that can inspire you.

9. Trends must adapt to you

And never the other way around. It’s good to let the trends in at home, that’s what we write every week on the blog and we love them. But always respecting your taste and style first. The furniture and most important elements of the decoration must withstand the passage of time well. It does not mean that you are not going to change them, but it is not an element that you will change every 6 months, so the tendencies are better than the centers in smaller elements that can be easily changed. And when you make a decision to change that is not carried by the simple trend of the moment but because it is something that you really like and you know that you will continue to like it in the future. The trend in your home makes you!

10. Get inspired and experience

Everything serves as inspiration in decoration. From your trips to the hotels and restaurants you visit, the houses of your friends, the magazines … there is a world full of creative people and great ideas that can help you floor decoration. Do not be afraid to copy, always adapting it to you, your house and your budget. The process also allows you to enjoy the decoration, give your creativity wings and turn it into a game. And if you like DIY, now is the time to turn to it.

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